Tuesday, November 4, 2014

More Moores

I know I do not write too often for this blog (well no one does recently…this explains the silence…) but for this post Ashley gave me the honors.  Big things happening in the Moore family and much more coffee will be needed starting next June because… Ashley is pregnant!  That’s right, little Moore is expected to arrive June 2015.  We are super excited and wanted to let everyone know and answer a few questions.  Here they are:

-Are you still adopting?  The Answer: Absolutely.  We have been talking with our agency about what was best for our family as this process has been painfully slower than we ever dreamed.  We are still committed to Ethiopia and can’t wait to start back with our program next year.

-Why the change now?  We have often experienced that when the timing seems to be of the Lord we have complete agreement in really hard decisions.  Over the last few months we began to discuss if there needed to be a change.  What options should we explore?  Do we need to change countries, do we need to change agencies, or do we need to reconsider this whole process?  These were hard discussions but the answer always ended with “no.”  Instead, after a while we thought a “pause” would be best.  At the same time our agency was working through an option for families that want to continue in the process but are also exploring other options, everything seemed to be coming together.  What I thought might be an extremely agonizing choice has been met with perfect harmony and peace.  One thing is for sure, things move at the Lord’s timing, not ours.

We could not be more thrilled for this news and we cannot wait to pick back up on our journey toward adoption next fall.  We are so thankful for all the support and love everyone has given us over the last few years during our adoption process and thankful for you celebrating with us again!  I imagine our blogging may pick up a little more and we can update everyone along the way!


  1. Beyond thrilled for you both! You will make such awesome parents. Love you both and a little Moore!

  2. Such a cute announcement! Lexi will love having a new baby to stalk ;)

  3. My heart is so happy for both of you! I will continue to love and prey for Silas as I love and pray for baby AA. Love you both.


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