Tuesday, April 15, 2014

RIP computer

It's official our computer is dead.  Real dead.  And it took most of our pics 6 feet under with it. We're going to try one more place to see if they can do anything to get some of them off but I don't have too much hope.  Thankfully I have been somewhat of a decent blogger over the last few years and have at least some pics from different things we've done.  Oh it is painful to lose so many memories! Never again! I am going to look into Carbonite I think or does the Cloud do that?  I have no clue about the cloud man... where's an apple genius when you need one?  We plan to get a new computer relatively soon-ish but right now we're sharing one like I mentioned before which equals a small window of opportunity for blogging :(

BUT we just got back from Africa (not an adoption related trip for all who are following) and I really want to do a post about that quickly while things are still fresh!  So thanks for hanging in there with me reader friends and things will pick up!  I just jumped into an excited opportunity I can't wait to tell you about!

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