Saturday, March 8, 2014

Long Time No Post...

...and let me tell you why...

my computer is dead :( wheaaaaaaaaaaaaa! and I hate trying to blog on an iPad so I have to wait and use Adam's work computer in the evening which isn't always the most convenient.  First world pains I know!
and yes folks all our pictures, everything, is on it.  We still don't know its fate.  It has been broken for a little while now but we don't have an apple store near us so we are waiting till we head back to the Charlotte area for the weekend with family so we can take it and leave it there if necessary.  Backing up all your pictures and everything is one of those things that we always 'intend' to do and never get around to always trusting technology waaaay to much.  So please stop what you're doing and go back up those pictures and say a prayer for us that apple can recover our pics thanks :)

So how bout a random assortment of stuff, shall we?

1.  We spent our 5 year anniversary in January in Savannah.  Would love to blog about it in more detail with pictures so hopefully when we get my computer back I can come back to this one.  But basically we had a great time even though we froze, thanks polar vortex!

2.  Adam and I are headed to Africa in a few weeks with a group from church.  Not quite the way I thought we would be getting to Africa this year but we're super excited to go!

3.  My birthday is in 6 days and that is always cause for celebration of birthday month in my book!

4.  I really like reading the I Heart Organizing blog, have you ever looked at it? there is some useful stuff over there but oh my lands does she make me feel wholly inadequate sometimes.  I NEED A JUNK DRAWER LADY.  for my health a place to throw the junks and not worry about it.

5.  Super excited to get to go to the Young House Love show house they're doing in May with my roommates from college.  Yep we're real life groupies and we're ok with that.

6.  I'm going to host a Jamberry nail wraps online party next week so be on the lookout for details about that! super excited!

7.  My name "Travoltafied" is Abbey Moozure, I know you were wondering... anyone else stay up way to late watching the Oscars and loved Ellen hosting it?

8.  Adam and I have been watching Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show and laugh every single time he is so hilarious.  Why we didn't watch it this much when it was Late Night I have no idea because I doubt it is much different! But good job NBC for reeling a whole new crowd in.  Oh and thank you DVR, not stayin up till midnight, no sir.

9. I can't wait for the Divergent movie to come out.  I've read 1 & 2 and got bogged down in 3... I think it is because I've heard the ending is terrible so I just haven't been as "in" to this last one.

10.  Lastly I'm thankful for friends :) not the TV show although I'm thankful for that too but the real kind.  Thankful for so many deep and long lasting friendships that I have as well as new friends I've made here. I think living in a military town has given me a whole new perspective on many things friendships being one of them.  


  1. I just can relate on so many levels... same birthday month, one car, one computer, using the name generator (Charley Feesher)... love you!

  2. I've always wanted to visit Savannah! If you get your pictures back & posted maybe I'll get an idea of how to plan a future trip. That REALLY stinks about your computer. I feel like I trust technology too much as well. I'd hate to lose all our pictures and I hope you get yours back!! And happy belated birthday!


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