Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jamberry Nails Online Party Starts NOW!!!

Hey Friends!  I mentioned in my last post about hosting a Jamberry Nail party online and it starts TODAY!!! and runs through the 20th! One of my roommates from college is selling them and I just think they are so fun!  It is such a unique and creative product! So here is your chance to get some!!!

Here are just a few that I'm loving!

Urban Lights which look super cute on! 
Love these!  If I was actually a photographer I'd be all over these!  How cute would they look all over or even for just an accent nail?!

These would be great for summer! or these cute watermelons!

There are also a lot of florals and I think this one is pretty! 

If you click on the links I put to them you can see pictures that people have uploaded at the bottom of the page of the design on their nails.  I love this feature because it is one thing to see them on the page and another as to what they actually look like on your nail so make sure to check that out! 

The great thing about these is that if you follow the application instructions they can last as long as 2 weeks! Plus each sheet gives you 2 applications maybe even 3!  No polish will last that long! There are seriously so many designs I promise you will have a hard time deciding.  They also offer jamberry juniors for kids, so cute!  

Here is the tutorial that shows you how to apply them, so easy! by the way in case you miss it in the video you can totally use a hair dryer to heat them up :)  

Here is the link!  So get shopping!!! and come back and tell me which ones you got :) 

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