Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The China Cabinet goes BOLD

We're lacking in the storage department in this house.  In a 1960's house they weren't into the whole, hey lets take some space from these awesomely oversized rooms and make a nice big functional closet. Also we don't have a ton of functional furniture pieces. A pickle for sure.  We're working on that...slowly.

Also another thing.  My family believes in China.  Not just the country we believe in that too, but like the breakable fancy kind.  Much to my husbands dismay he was educated on the subject of "christmas china" as far back as when we were dating in high school.  He didn't know then that he would get the joy of living with it for the rest of his china loving? loathing? life.

My mom started the tradition that when we entered high school we would pick a china pattern and each christmas we would receive a place setting.  My older sister and I have the same one and then my middle sister has a different one.  I picked mine based on the fact that my grandmother had the same one and I liked that some of her pieces would one day pass down to me.  Plus it seemed timeless and it was shiny :)

We also picked out regular china when we got married.  Which makes me feel like this scene from Friends:

Ross: ...All right, Monica categorizes her towels. How many categories are there?
Joey: Everyday use.
Chandler: Fancy.
Joey: Guest.
Chandler: Fancy guest.
Ross: Two seconds...
Joey: Uh, eleven!
Ross: 11. Unbelievable. 11 is correct.

Adam got input on this one though! Again we tried to pick something sort of timeless and not super expensive.  China is definitely one of those things that I can't say I necessarily would have wanted on my own when we got married and it was forced on me as a teenager, but I know that it is something that I will be thankful for later on in life and hope that I can pass down to our kids one day.  Plus I do enjoy it and am thankful that we were blessed with it as gifts from when we got married.  

Now that you have learned more about our China that you probably ever cared to know, on to the reason for this post! 

We have needed a large enough china cabinet to store it all since we got married.  Thanks to a yardsale we had and craigslist luck I found this bad boy.  
Honestly it was totally luck.  I would search craigslist on and off often coming up without much luck. Either they were too expensive (some people are real proud of their unfortunate looking furniture pieces), too small, too big, not the right style, you get my drift.  Well I saw this one and I was immediately in love.  I could envision it all pretty and painted.  Plus it was a great deal which was really #1 on the must list!  

It is super heavy and solid and took 3 guys to get inside the house, I mean not that I would know from experience but it looked heavy :) Thanks guys!

So I got to work!  We had to take off all the hinges and screws.  The hinges were the entire length of every door.  So SUPER long and had about a million screws.  We also took the glass out of the 2 end doors.  There was no way to take out the glass in the middle doors.  Wish I would've taken a picture of this part! 
It is not pretty wood as you can see.  Very orange.

Here it is in our beautiful 90's red dining room, not.  No offense if you like a red dining room I don't have anything against them but it is just not us.  It was definitely a fad at one time and it just doesn't fit our taste. 
I hate sanding.  It is miserable.  But a necessary step.  So after sanding and deglossing the top, bottom, drawer fronts, and all the doors it was ready for primer.  Oh and I also had to use wood filler on some holes made when ripping off the decorative pieces around the hardware that you can see in the above picture of the bottom half of the cabinet.
To keep paint from getting on the floor since it sat flush I just stuck painters tape to the floor tracing the bottom of the cabinet so it created a nice edge I could get paint on and then just peel up after I was done.  We didn't like the option of setting this top on anything to elevate it while painting since it is so large and top heavy.
In hindsight I maybe should've done 2 coats of primer but it worked out in the end thankfully.

I love teal.  I have to reign it in sometimes.  So when it came to this I knew I wanted teal involved somehow.  I do love white cabinets but after priming it I knew that I definitely didn't want it all white. Too boring.  I saw this cabinet at target and loved it!  So this was my inspiration.
But how in the world do I color match it?  We don't live near target, sigh... so I couldn't take paint samples there and try to match it easily.  I even went as far to call Target and see if they had a specific color that it was.  Pretty sure the lady thought I was nuts but it was worth a shot.  I decided to just go to Sherwin Williams and see what they could do since I knew I wanted to use their ProClassic enamel paint so it would be nice and durable.  They were super helpful and told me about this app called ColorSnap.  I downloaded it right in the store, gotta love technology, and then you click on different spots in the picture and it tells you some different color choices.  It was really cool.
Then I pulled some paint strips based on the different ones it told me and was able to narrow it down.  I have to say that in the end I think the color from the Target piece and what my china cabinet is turned out to be different but it got me going in the right direction for sure.  The color I went with was Grand Canal.
Around this same time Jen from one of my favorite blogs, I Heart Organizing had just finished her hutch and I loved how hers turned out! It was a little too light for my personal taste but I thought it was beautiful! So when I narrowed down the color of mine, it ended up being on the same paint strip as her Reflecting Pool color! It was 2 or 3 shades darker but it was totally by accident so I felt confident in my color choice because hers turned out so beautifully! And I'm super thankful that I could learn from her mistake and I went ahead and painted the inside top and bottom white!
I used leftover ProClassic in Westhighland White from our kitchen cabinet reno in our old house.  It took 3 coats on top of the primer to cover.  I was so sick of painting that inside ugh.  The ProClassic is expensive paint, thankfully I was able to get a quart size of the teal. I had enough to do 2 coats with about 1/4 leftover!  Thanks to a coupon it came out to only $17!  Honestly there were times I got a little freaked out and worried I picked the wrong color. My sweet husband encouraged me to keep going and that it looked great.  He was right, I love how it turned out.  It is totally us.  It is definitely not everyones taste but it is ours and I'm thankful I could take an outdated piece and make it our own!
I used a nice Purdy brand brush to do all of this.  There were too many small areas to use a foam roller and make it worth it, plus the paint has a self-leveling property in it and I don't notice any brush strokes now that it is all finished. The doors definitely took the longest. I had doors elevated on paint cans all over the place.  8 doors primed and painted. 3 coats front and back.  Time consuming for sure but worth it!

In the middle of all this we primed and painted the walls as well.  Let's be honest, red walls do not compliment a teal china cabinet very well.

All the doors back on woo hoo! With painted walls back there!  We did the same color as the living room, it is Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore, color matched to Valspar Ultra.
Here she is all loaded up with China, both christmas and regular ;)  I would love to get some different knobs for the lower doors, and the yellow drawer knobs are from Hobby Lobby. And now so you can get an idea of what the whole room looks like, but first let's do a before.
Much better than the dark hole it was before!! 

What better time to finish than in time for Christmas decorations?!  We still have some details in the room to finish, like art, curtains etc but it has come a long way!  And Adam loves it!  I love how much he loves it and I'm so grateful that he puts up with this stuff!  We're thankful to have some style and function to fill this room!  


  1. It looks so good!!! Also, I laughed out loud at the Friends reference :) and it's really not an exaggeration to say there is an app for everything!

  2. I love the color and it turned out great! With each subsequent diy project I realize how much I actually dislike sanding and painting. Funny that I used to find them fun ;)

  3. looovvvvveee it! the new dining room looks great!

  4. It looks SO good, I LOVE the teal and love how it looks with the white inside. It's perfect. The room looks totally different. And really, there is a Friends reference for everything in life, I'm convinced!

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    1. It looks beautiful! You amaze me youngest daughter! I am so proud of you. Definitely the Jackson genes revealing themselves.


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