Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I realized the other day that I completely forgot to recap our Boston adventure!  How could I?!  So don't consider this a rewind or a catch up... we'll just pretend we like just got back so it feels fresh mmkay :)

Oh my gosh guys we just got back from Boston and we had THE best time!

One of our dear friends from Raleigh got married in New Hampshire not far from Boston so it was the perfect opportunity to make the most of our time up north while attending her wedding!  We have known Cristy for a while and she was even our Tucker sitter.  She moved back to New Hampshire a few months before we moved to SC.  She reconected with an old friend, fell in love and they got married and we were so so happy for her that she found the man of her dreams!

The wedding was on Sunday afternoon so we left out of Charlotte that morning and got to Boston by lunchtime.  Picked up our rental car and headed straight to NH about 1.5 hrs away.  The wedding was in the quaintest picturesque town in a beautiful old church and such a beautiful drive to get there.  I mean seriously we could not have gone at a more perfect time of year.  The weather was cool but not too miserable cold.  The trees were all changing and GORGEOUS.  We honestly haven't seen fall beauty like that since our Boone days and it did our souls good. 

The reception was at a beautiful winery nearby and we got to reconnect and spend some time with some friends from our old small group.  It was such a sweet time!  I'm sad I didn't get a picture with them!

We were there during the World Series and these people were e.x.c.i.t.e.d (spoiler alert: they won the series!  Go Sox!)  It was actually pretty cool to be there during all of it there was so much excitement in the city.  
After the wedding we stayed the night in Nashua and then left monday morning to head back to Boston.  After dropping off our rental car we made our way over to our hotel to at least see if we could leave our stuff there while we toured around since our check in wasn't until that afternoon.  Well they were super nice and let us in way early!  Adam's dad travels a lot, mostly up north and was able to hook us up with travel points at a super-awesome-we-would-never-be-able-to-afford-it-in-our-wildest-dreams hotel on Boston Harbor.  We were so grateful!

Our views!
After getting our stuff organized we decided to head up to Cambridge to walk around Harvard and have lunch.  Their public transportation is pretty cool, it is a mix between a bus system that goes underground some and train, then you switch off at main stations.  We took it all over the place and felt like pros at it by then end of day two.  Adam and I enjoy big cities and we like figuring out the systems!

Harvard was so beautiful and Cambridge as well!  There is so so much history there.  We ate lunch across the street from Harvard in a cafe', kind of like a panera I would say.  We knew we were going to have a big dinner so we decided to go lite for lunch.  

We hit up a super cool Starbucks of course!  It was 2 floors with a really cool upstairs filled with tables and comfy chairs for all the those smart mugs to study in. 
We headed back to our hotel and that night we went to eat at Legal Seafood right beside our hotel on the harbor.  We heard amazing things and they did not lie.  I have to say my main dish I got wasn't my favorite but Adam liked it so we ended up switching meals pretty much.  But the oyster appetizer and dessert were delicious. 
This is the only picture we have from there.  lame.  we should have taken a picture of the maple bread pudding dessert but we forgot oh wait that's because we were making out with it and couldn't stop to document it.  it was amaze.

Adam planned our flights so that we didn't fly out till that night so we had another full day to explore Boston.  Everyone told us that the Freedom Trail was a must. 
And let me say I was a little worried, it sure seemed like a-lahhot of walking, but there are lots of stops along the way to break it up.  We started at Boston Common and you walk a red line through the whole trail and it takes you to all the stops, pretty cool way to make sure you can get everywhere easily.  We made it all the way to Copp's Hill Burying Ground and the last 2 stops Bunker Hill and USS Constitution are the farthest away and we didn't have time to do those which we were ok with because they were far.  Next time!    
We got to see so much of the city this way, they were all right and I would definitely recommend it!
Just a few pictures of the stops we made.  This ^  is the Massachusetts State House.  And below is the Old State House and site of the Boston massacre.

Inside of King's Chapel I think it was. The pews were all boxed in and you purchased a box for your family to sit in.  Strange, not really the point of church I don't believe... pretty building though.
We were told (thanks Brooke & Christy!) about some food stops to make along the way.  We ate at Sam LaGrassa's that was on Diners Drive-Ins and Dives.  It was delicious! Definitely want to go back there one day!

Near the Old North Church there is a Paul Revere statue and they had him all dressed up for the game!

Some of the stops on the trail you can go in to a certain point and then you have to pay to see the rest or go on a tour and all of them we bypassed except for Paul Reveres house.  We thought it would be cool to walk inside so we did.
We also stopped for a cannoli at Mike's Pastry.  It was hoppin in that place and let me just say these were legit Italians making these things and they were delish!  
 Chocolate Chip is where it's at. 

Adam loved it so much that when we were in the grocery store yesterday and he saw a box for cannoli dough he practically licked the box.  There were sooooo many flavors to choose from, wish we could've tried them all!   That was one of the last stops on our tour before we headed to starbucks to read and hang out for a while before we had to make our way back to our hotel to get our stuff then get to the airport.  It was really fun to just hang out together in starbucks in the middle of the city hustle and bustle before flying home that evening.  We had such a great time and really loved the city,  we hope to go back someday!



  1. so fun! love your commentary. Boston looks so beautiful in the Fall!

  2. Loved reading about your Boston trip! Also wanted to comment that if you love figuring out big cities and drinking coffee- Addis is going to be great for you two!! : )

    1. Thanks Christie! Yes my husband has been looking forward to experiencing the coffee since day 1 of this process! In light of all that is going on we really hope we make it to Addis.

  3. So pretty! What a fun trip. And of course, I was drooling over all the food :)


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