Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Paint Sprayer...

...or an alternate title for the post might have been, Paint Spraying For Dummies Like a Dummy.  Here is how it went down.

I heard great things about using paint sprayers in the blogosphere recently.  With all the painting and all the renovations we have to do it seemed like a good investment.  My favorite bloggers or rather my BFF's as I refer to them from time to time :) over at YHL got a Graco TrueCoat and they seem to like it.  As well as their actual BFF over at Bower Power Blog.  She said it was a tool needed in every "DIYers arsenal." So I bit the bullet and got this bad boy.   So good job Graco your blog advertising was successful.
I opted to save some and go with the lower model.  Seemed like the biggest difference was the option to have variable pressure.  Didn't seem like a big deal at the time since this one had great reviews compared to some other brands so how important could variable pressure really be?  Well it turns out pretty important.

I decided that after putting some primer on the walls that I would spray the walls since the color I was using was so dark that hopefully I would be able to spray it quickly with just one coat.  If only...

I was so excited, it was like opening a Christmas present.  But before I could spray I had to prep the room so the places that I didn't want paint wouldn't get sprayed.  So I put paper up and taped around the ceiling.

 Then I put plastic over the windows and taped that up. 

 I did the same for the closet doors. 
And then I just put some tape around the top of the baseboards because surely that would be enough to catch the overspray right? wrong. 

A LOT of prep work but I was hoping it would be worth it and I could paint the whole room in one coat with the sprayer.  

Ready to go!
That thing is no joke and I don't think I really had the upper body strength for it.
I color matched Sherwin Williams tempo teal to Valspar Ultra paint.  Nothing against SW but I'm just not going to pay $40 + something dollars for a gallon of regular paint.  I'm looking at you too Benjamin Moore.  I wanted to go bold in this room since it gets a lot of light and I LOVE teal so I thought why not.  Plus with a paint sprayer the coverage is really good so I thought I could knock out a dark color in one swoop versus rolling when it could take at least 2 coats with a color this dark.

So here she is all sprayed up.  See that over spray on the baseboards? yeah not awesome.  But thankfully the over spray didn't get the ceiling so yay for that!

It didn't take all that long to spray I guess.  I did have to take lots of breaks because the sprayer was so heavy I could only do so much at a time.

I was seriously starting to run out of steam at this point and I had just poked myself in the eye for the third time with my mask.  I may or may not be laugh/crying at this point thinking what did I get myself in to? and my dear husband who is laughing with me/at me took a picture.
  Paint Sprayer = 1    Ashley = 0 

So let's break down what I liked and didn't like: 

  •  Loved the coverage. 
  •  Liked that I didn't have to thin the paint out I could just pour it straight from the paint can into the paint cup that attaches to the sprayer.  
  • The end.  that is all I can think of.

  • Really heavy to hold out in front of you for so long if you don't happen to have beefy muscles like myself :)
  • You have to "prime" it each time you refill the paint bucket, which is often because it uses a lot of paint to get that good coverage.  This consists of shooting some paint out before you start spraying the wall.  I just shot it into a plastic bag and I felt like this wasted a lot of paint.  
  • The overspray was CRAhayZY.  Like even with the door closed and plastic over it there was blue mist on the floor outside the room, on the trim in the hall, and the door on the hall side not even in the room!  Anything that was in the room got a mist of blue including my computer cord that was left in there.  whoopsie.  
  • I couldn't get all the way to the top of the wall that meets the ceiling for fear that I would spray the ceiling
  • I ran out of paint on the last wall which proved to be a big problemo.... oh and also when you're spraying you have to be careful not to spray too much or it gets super drippy, which I did pretty good at BUT this meant that there were little speckle spots of white coming through that I figured I could just go back and touch up...wrong...
  • The cleanup was MISERABLE!  After all this you have to clean the gun immediately because if paint sits in there it can mess it up which makes sense but it was a complete pain in the rear.  My gun was even coated in a blue mist so I had to clean the actual gun off the best I could.  Then you have to rinse all the parts and pump it full of this storage liquid.  And let me just say after the nightmareish ordeal of painting the room the LAST thing I wanted to do was clean the darn thing which took forever.  So join me in saying, "Ain't nobody got time for that!"
After thinking it over for a few days I decided it was not worth the money because I truly think I could paint a room faster and with less mess.  So back to the store it went.  Good riddance.

A lesson I learned along the way about color matching paint:
The thing about it is that if you need more than a gallon of it, the color matching process can vary by paint can.  So ultimately it may not come out the same exact shade each gallon. 

Remember when I said that I ran out paint? So yeah I didn't know this at the time and went to touch up around the ceiling and fill in all those speckle spots on the walls.  I kept waiting for it to dry and match up with the wall, well it never did.  I could see all the paint brush/roller marks that I painted to touch up all over the place.  It was awful.  After all that work I did I still had to get more paint and roll all the walls again which is what I should've done in the first place! ugh!! lesson learned!! And hopefully this helps you too in case you're color matching paint or thinking about getting a paint sprayer!  whew! glad that it is over! 


  1. bummer about the sprayer. But the room looks so good!

  2. ugh! it was tiring just reading about your experience, much less participating! That gun was a beastly size - i bet it WAS heavy! Good for you for returning it - I would have too! Bummer you had to basically do double the work, but thanks for saving us future pain by telling it how it it! Love the color btw! Can't wait to see it all done :)

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