Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rachael's Wedding!

Meet Rachael!
She is my most precious friend!  We have known each other since we were 4 years old growing up in church together but never attending the same school until Appalachian.  I remember playing baby dolls together and being in sunday school, then in the same youth group and lots of weekends all throughout high school spent together at different houses, or starbucks, or on the lake making memories.  We both decided to go to ASU and chose to live together starting our freshman year.  We lived together all my days at Appalachian until I graduated a semester early.  Some people say that you shouldn't live with someone you're friends with because you'll end up hating each other.  While that may be true for some, the experience only made Rachael and I closer.

Rachael has the sweetest heart.  She is so loving, caring, compassionate, passionate, and selfless.  Over the years she had several boys break that big heart in hard ways.  Until she met Adam.  I know that the Lord was teaching her so much about himself over the years of heartbreaks and seeming silence on where the man he had for her was.  She walked through that season of life with grace.  So I knew when she called me and told me about Adam this one was different.  Friends have that gift you know.  Sometimes we know something that you don't even know yourself! 

So after several months of dating, they got engaged.  Some people would say it was too fast but we as her roommates knew that it wasn't, this was meant to be.

July 27 was finally here and we were all so excited for Rachael to marry Adam.

It was set to be outside but one problem, there was rain in the forecast.  We have had a very wet summer here in the south and  Rachael and Adam had been praying against rain since they decided to have an outdoor wedding.  When we got to the venue that morning it was overcast but not raining at that point.  
Mid afternoon the rains came.  We were all hoping Rachael just didn't notice! And for a while I don't think she did but eventually it was raining so much and so hard it was inevitable.  Rachael just kept saying,  "It's gonna stop, it's gonna stop, the sun is going to come out and it is going to stop."  We were all pretty skeptical because the forecast for wedding time did not look good.  They did have a back up plan to go under the tent where the reception would be but it still would not have been the best nor what she had hoped for and everyone would have still gotten wet.
Not long before guests were due to arrive the rain did in fact stop.  MIRACLE!  People were able to sit down on the benches in the waterlogged yard and the wedding was going to happen the way Rachael had hoped!

And would you believe it but when Rachael was about to come out the sun came out! MIRACLE AGAIN!  It was incredible!  I mean this is stuff that movies are made of! I know this sounds so cheesy probably but seriously y'all it was like the Heavens were opening on her! I know it was the Lords faithfulness to her and his answer to her prayer in every way possible.  It was the sweetest thing to witness!
The wedding was so beautiful and so focused on Christ.  We had so much fun and ended the night with very muddy feet.  I'm so thankful for Rachael and what she means to me.  She is truly God's goodness in my life! and I couldn't be happier for her she deserves it!!



  1. Aww, what a sweet wedding and so glad the rain didn't ruin everything. And LOVE your dress!! A lot!

  2. Such a great picture of you and Rachael from the wedding. Y'all look beautiful! And yayyyy for the rain clearing up!


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