Monday, August 12, 2013

I'm back!

Adam and I just got back from a week in Haiti with some adults and students from our church.  It is good to be home and I am so thankful for our time there.  It was a hard week but I'm glad I was able to witness the Lord at work there.  Eventually there will be a blog about it all with photos on here but in the meantime you can catch up on what all we did here.  I blogged almost everyday for our church blog and it really paints a picture and gives lots of detail to what all we did there.  

But first I gots lots a catchin up to do on here.  When we got back from our travels 10 days of Real Food kind of took over and I didn't get to catch up before we were heading to Haiti.  And let's be real here I don't love reading about valentines day on peoples blog when it's christmas time BUT again thisismyblogandi'llblogwhatiwanttoo and I'm sure they're doing the same thing I am...  I love having these posts to look back on and I want to document it so feel free to skip if you're SO over the 4th of July :)

We headed down to ATL where a lot of Adam's family lives so the guys could all run the Peachtree Road Race on the fourth of July.  First stop upon entering ATL was no other than the Varsity
Love my Captain America shirt, plus it felt in the spirit of things.

We headed to our hotel after that in Buckhead since it was already later in the evening and Adam wanted to get a good nights rest.  One of Adam's friends Marshall said this picture looks liked he had been raptured! ha!    
Early start for the morning.  Do I get a medal for waking up early?
We were reallllllly worried it would get rained out honestly.  But the race was still on in the morning so off we went hoping for very little rain. 
Adam, his brother, aunt, and dad before the race. 
And would you believe it but the rain held off!  It was drizzling some when we left the hotel and it didn't start up again till we got back to the hotel!  Totally a blessing because it would've been kinda miserable for us watchers.  We all rode the subway to the start line and then those of us watching had to walk FORever to the finish line in the muggy weather only to find out that we wouldn't even be able to watch them finish!  The way they had it set up was kind of strange.  You couldn't really get to the finish line and then at the end they corralled everyone through a field so we did get to meet them there but I didn't get one.single.picture. of him running.  We were so thankful that we didn't get soaked on the walk there but we stayed dry only to get to the giant field that we had to meet them in and find muddy standing water and no way around it.
We just embraced it and did the best we could! Thankfully our shoes came pretty clean. 
My runner :)  I'm so proud of him!
This race had around 60,000 people at it and around 100,000+ spectators.  It was the first big race after the Boston Marathon Attack so security was tight.  They had police everywhere and bomb dogs.  They welded the manholes shut and sealed off trashcans.  They even stopped me to check my bag. 

After the race was over we had to walk all the way back up and down hills to the subway again it was not fun.  We were hot, tired, muddy, and hungry.  I think we almost killed my poor sister-in-law who was like 13/14 weeks pregnant at the time.  We got back to the hotel only to find that every single person in the hotel was taking a shower at the same time and there was no hot water so all the runners had to take cold showers. 

We checked out and headed to Adam's grandfather's house for 4th of July celebrations and it started downpouring. 
So TV fireworks it was.  Thank you trusty PBS and your Capital Fourth special.  I used to love watching this with my grandma when I was little so I really didn't mind although it would've been nice to see the real thing.  Washington D.C. 4th of July officially on the bucket list. 

The next day we went to the Georgia Aquarium with everybody else apparently.
There were a lot of people but we were still able to make it through everything we wanted to see.  It was definitely fun and very very cool.  Here are some favorites
I sent this picture to my family because they tease me about Jellyfish ever since I was stung a couple of years ago at the beach I have a hate-hate relationship with them, but they are kind of neat, I guess...if you're into giant stinging invisible sea creatures but whatevs.

I love penguins!  The otters were so adorable though too so it was a toss up as to what was my favorite.
For the record if you watched that video I thought he was taking a picture!


We had a great time and they're already talking about running again next year!

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  1. Way to go Adam! Yeah, Kevin ran his marathon in the rain and he said it was miserable. (I didn't even go watch - such a bad wife, I know). I'm glad it held off! And super cool aquarium pics!


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