Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the first 5 days update

We're going strong(ish) and are on our 8th day!  So here's a little update on how we're doing and the modifications we made aka how things actually went down. 

Day 1:
B) Autumn Wheat cereal with fruit and milk
L) PB&J (100% whole wheat bread, pure PB, and whole fruit jelly) with a smoothie and corn tortilla chips all natural/Caprese Salad
D) Halibut, zucchini squash, red potatoes.  Using this recipe but leaving out the lemon pepper and using a fresh lemon slice instead.

We stuck to the menu and everything was very good.  Except that I totally ruined the red potatoes so we just ate fish and vegetables.  My B.  Oh and also I was seriously craving some sugar on Day 1.  I think it was mostly due to the fact that I knew I couldn't have it and so of course I wanted it all the more.  Such a rebel I am... so by the end of the night I was literally licking honey out of the jar to get my sugar fix since it is "allowed." Desperate times people, desperate times...  

Day 2:
B) Plain Greek Yogurt with fruit and honey, smoothie or cereal
L) Caprese Salad/Egg Salad 
D) leftover fish and vegetables

Adam ended up eating a PB&J for lunch, me a caprese and then we did the Egg Salad for dinner since there were no fish and vegetables leftover like we thought.  The Egg Salad was ok.  I would eat it again but I don't think Adam was too crazy about it.  I wish that we both would've liked it more because it would be a great lunch option since I'm trying to get Adam to cut out lunch meat :) So I'll search for another alternative.

Day 3:
B)Same as day 2
L)Caprese Salad for me (are you catching on that I could literally eat this everyday because it is so delicious)/Adam has a lunch apt so he is going to eat the best he can while out :) life happens what can you do...
D) Mexican Pizza for Adam and I have a women's thing at church that is serving dinner so again will try to do the best I can!

Adam did reallllly well at Red Lobster for his lunch apt.  He resisted the cheese biscuit aroma wafting into his face and got blackened trout and steamed broccoli.  SO proud of him! And for dinner I did pretty well too, it was a mexican theme so the chips weren't "approved" and neither was taco meat I'm pretty sure but I ate a small quantity and skipped the dessert.  Adam told me he couldn't have cheese biscuits so I couldn't have dessert, fair enough.

Day 4:
B) Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes with pure maple syrup
L) Egg Salad or Caprese
D) Mexican Pizza

So the Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes were AHmazing.  Even Adam thought so.  Goodbye bisquick and eggo waffles. I was a little worried about the maple syrup switch since I am, shocker I know, a syrup snob and partial to my Northwoods Roddenberrys.  But it was really good!  And the best thing about these is that you can freeze them so we have enjoyed them for several days. #winning
As for the mexican pizza we kind of did the best we could.  The only shells that are considered whole are corn tortillas.  I'm sure that a whole wheat variety would qualify too although there were none of these to be found in the store that didn't have a bunch of stuff in them, and we don't live close enough to whole foods to make a quick trip.  She makes her own.  We weren't about to be doing all that now.  So we went with a store bought corn tortilla and called it a day.  We did well with the rest of the ingredients though.   

Day 5:
B) Leftover pancakes since these are freezable
L) PB&J on the road since we are headed to do some shopping
D) We plan on eating dinner while we are out at whole foods

So here is where things derailed a little... BUT I can explain :)
Breakfast and lunch we stayed on track but the plan to eat at whole foods didn't work out.  My sister and brother-in-law were actually in our nearby big city for the weekend so we ended up eating dinner with them.  We tried to go to a place they thought of that would fit more with our diet butttttt they were closed.  So our backup was an awesome hamburger place that we have been to before that we love! oh and they were on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  How cool is that?!  So they twisted our arms and forced us to eat big fat juicy burgers with delicious fries and of course we so willingly sacrificed for the sake of spending time with family.  We did notice when we left though that although we had officially stuffed our faces we didn't leave with this horrible I'm gonna die my stomach hurts bloated out feeling that you get after eating a heavy meal.  We attribute it to being more "cleaned out" prior to.  So pretty cool I think. 

So all in all we did well I think and Adam even prefers the pure Peanut Butter now.  Oh and for the record in just 5 days I lost 1.5 pounds and Adam lost 3.  Ca-ra-zy.  Even with our totally unapproved not whole meal.  I don't think I realized before how much sugar is in everything, even your salt people!  We weren't going into this with the goal of losing weight but it just happens when you cut out refined sugars and processed foods.  I'll be back tomorrow with our new menu for the next 5 days or next 3 technically since we're on day 8 already.  Whoopsie.    

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