Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10 Days of Real Food

Well folks I'm back! Our travels have come to a brief stop for the next two weeks.  Enter...

Coming back in the car on Sunday with Adam after he picked me up from one of my roomies bachelorette weekends we kind of just decided lets do it! 

Backstory aka what led to doing this: 
  • We have known about this blog for a while, like years ago, after hearing about them on the news in Charlotte.  We thought it was interesting and would be neat to do but we weren't jumping to try and do it anytime soon.  
  • My mom is pretty crunchie, organic almost everything, always grows her own food, doesn't like to take medication... you get the gist.  I get it honest and actually I'm quite thankful for what she passed down to me.  Some people call me a food snob and I'm ok with that, I'll own it!
  • In the last 2 years I guess Adam and I have tried to be more conscious of what we eat. Then recently we watched 2 food documentaries on Netflix that really got us thinking.  Forks Over Knives and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  I've always been a little more "on board" with all of this but these definitely got Adam thinking as well.  Forks Over Knives is very scientific which was helpful in understanding it all.  Now, to be honest, like any documentary they are out to prove a point so, are they a little biased? absolutely, is what they're saying still true? absolutely.  Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead was a lot more story like and chronicling peoples lives, it surprised us and kept our attention.  It definitely has things you can learn but we didn't run out and buy a juicer. 
  • Adam's dad just got back from a fishing trip to Alaska and brought us back a ton of fish so we thought it would be a great time to start since the fish are about as fresh as you can get (don't worry they come packaged and frozen)!
Now I don't want to paint an unrealistic picture for you and you think we are SUPER healthy and don't enjoy candy, ice cream, cupcakes, my mouth is watering...going out to eat etc then let me just tell you we are not.  We are fat kids at heart.  We love chick-fil-a and I can eat chips and queso with the best of them.  We try to limit those things when possible and make good eating choices at home.  Currently there is a bag of my favorite tangerine jelly beans leftover from my weekend on the table silently mocking me as I write this.  And exhibit A: This is our idea of going out in style before this challenge.  Mostly I blame Adam because his weakness is donuts!  And we did share with his coworkers so that makes it not as bad right?  The Hot Now sign was on people!
So anyways we decided that we would start today (tuesday) and do the 10 day challenge to go 100% real food to see if we could do it.  And can I just say why is it that when you know you can't have something it makes you want it more?!  I felt like I could've eaten 10 candy bars today! This also means I had to give up my new found true love, starbucks at home...
a moment of silence please...

It's just 10 days right?! I can do it I can do it.  And you better believe I won't be giving that one up after the challenge.  You'll have to pry my Starbucks gold card out of my cold dead caramelly fingers before that one goes. 

So here we go starbucksless and jellybeanless starting today.

We decided to break down the menu in 5 day increments for obvious reasons, using some of their recipes and just being stricter about the things we already eat just without being lazy.

Day 1:
B) Autumn Wheat cereal with fruit and milk
L) PB&J (100% whole wheat bread, pure PB, and whole fruit jelly) with a smoothie and corn tortilla chips all natural/Caprese Salad
D) Halibut, zucchini squash, red potatoes.  Using this recipe but leaving out the lemon pepper and using a fresh lemon slice instead.

Day 2:
B) Plain Greek Yogurt with fruit and honey, smoothie or cereal
L) Caprese Salad/Egg Salad 
D) leftover fish and vegetables

Day 3:
B)Same as day 2
L)Caprese Salad for me (are you catching on that I could literally eat this everyday because it is so delicious)/Adam has a lunch apt so he is going to eat the best he can while out :) life happens what can you do...
D) Mexican Pizza for Adam and I have a women's thing at church that is serving dinner so again will try to do the best I can!

Day 4:
B) Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes with pure maple syrup
L) Egg Salad or Caprese
D) Mexican Pizza

Day 5:
B) Leftover pancackes since these are freezable
L) PB&J on the road since we are headed to do some shopping
D) We plan on eating dinner while we are out at whole foods

Snack options daily are: Pistachios, Corn chips and cheese (block cheese see her rules about cheese) or salsa, Fruit, Simply Fruit fruit strips, Edamame, Frozen Peas, Whole Wheat pretzels

So there we have it, the first 5 days.  We tried to do easy stuff to get started.   We'll see what we come up with next week! Also, you may be thinking man that has to be expensive! And honestly after shopping today I was surprised that it was less than I had anticipated.  Granted we have been buying a lot of the same stuff but going "all in" it wasn't as absurd as I expected it to be.  Wish us luck!


  1. ohhh i can't wait to hear how it all goes! I have been tempted to try it but we just haven't yet.

  2. You are going to feel awesome!! AFter watching forks over knives last year we stopped eating meat for 30 days and felt so good! We have since watched just about every food documentary on netflix and now own a juicer haha(that was all aaron!) We still eat meat now- but a lot less of it and more real food. So good! Have fun!

  3. Ooo sounds like fun! I love your posts, they always make me laugh "The Hot Now sign was on people!" lol. By day 10 those doughnuts will be calling your name again!

  4. I love Brooke's comment. I'm impressed, Ash. And eager to hear how it goes. Def do an after post (you know, once you've chugged your Starbucks and eaten the rest of your jellybeans :)


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