Wednesday, July 31, 2013

10 Days of Real Food challenge done!

Our 10 day diet is officially over.  And when I said I would be back tomorrow with our next 5 days menu clearly I meant 8 days later.  We went out of town this past weekend for my oldest and dearest friends wedding and I feel like things always get a little crazy when you're leaving.  So I didn't make as strict of a menu this time and I'm going to try and remember everything that we ate.  So sorry that it won't be as detailed as the first 5 but I think you can still get the idea.

Breakfasts: These pretty much consisted of whole grain organic cereals, smoothie, or eggs with whole wheat bagel thins.  
  • oh and a word about our bread - so I realized that based on her definition of breads etc ours didn't technically fit.  We just don't have the options here that she has in a big city so we just went with store bought 100% whole wheat bread.   Maybe I'll be adventurous and try to make my own someday but don't hold your breath for that update any time soon.  I would however like to make my own whole wheat tortillas.  
Lunches: One day we made the Mexican pizzas again for lunch.  Then most days I had a caprese salad and Adam had PB&J.  He really likes these and they have a lot less sugar in them with pure peanut butter and whole fruit jelly.  I felt so guilty like I was starving Adam and making him eat PB&J everyday but he said he liked them and was fine with it.  We also had either fruit, Corn tortilla chips or whole wheat pretzels as a side.  We found another brand of chips besides Tostitos that we like.  Tostitos are ok but they have vegetable oil in them which is not the best.  

Dinner: We stocked up on some stuff from whole foods so we had whole wheat pasta with sauce for spaghetti one night.  We made a homemade pizza from a crust we got at whole foods, plus pizza sauce, spinach, and cheese.  Bagged cheese is a no no so we shredded our own from a block of mozzarella - kind of a pain... darn you convenience foods!! We also made these Fajitas and they were delicious. Adam doesn't like mushrooms so we left those out.  Added black beans and chicken.  Winner winner chicken dinner for sure.  This will now be a regular in the rotation.  And I hate that I didn't think to take pictures of the food we were eating whoopsie! That would've made this more interesting perhaps...   

What we learned...
  1. We like life a little sweeter.  Yes I finished my jelly beans over the weekend and yes I went to starbucks. I just don't think life without any sugar would be as fun :)  We definitely will try to limit it and make good choices but I'm just not willing to give it up.  By good choices I mean not going to starbucks 3 days in a row since the one in our town opened up while we were gone... nope not us... 
  2. We definitely will make more of an effort to make sure our dinners are real food.  Like I said I think we were doing decent at this before but it's the little things you don't realize like what is in your spices or seasonings that we want to be better about.  Adam's favorite food is tacos and we always use the prepackaged taco seasoning so I will be making my own mix now.  I love cereal and we don't buy sugary cereals anyways but I do want to make more of an effort to buy whole cereals instead of like Special K and things like that that still have junk in them.  
  3. I wouldn't say that I felt this tremendous noticeable change in how I felt or anything although in the end I will admit that I lost almost 3 pounds.  Yikes.  So I'm not sure what that says about how I was eating before if I wasn't doing as well as I thought or what? I do know that girls fluctuate throughout the month anyways.  I'm sure not by how much but I am going to blame a little of it on that :)  Adam stayed steady with his 4 pounds lost. 
  4. I don't typically love to cook.  Adam cooks a lot, it is less now that we're in SC but I found that having all my meals planned out well and knowing that they were fresh and healthy for us did make it strangely more enjoyable for me.  Just thought I would add that random tidbit in there - it felt noteworthy. 
I can't really think of anything else to add at this point except that I'm glad we did it and I know that it will continue to help us to have better food habits and choices overall.  So thanks for hanging in there and if you're interested in doing the challenge yourself head on over to take the pledge! 


  1. Love reading about it how it went. It's hard for me to want to do it because I know it's not something we will continue...helllllo the pastry chef in me could never give up sugar forever. I do think things like this help you see areas you can do better at though and that kinda makes me want to try it. Ahhh who knows. maybe one day. I think little changes over time that you stick with are the best though, that's what we are trying to do. And that picture of you and the frap are making me want one BAD!!!! haha

  2. I'm still impressed. Can't believe you lost 3 pounds!

  3. Ditto what Christy said. I'm impressed! This sounds like a neat challenge to help you take a look at what you're eating and re-evaluate some things. Do people really snack on frozen peas though??


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