Monday, June 10, 2013

Spackle the Halls

We were tired of looking at mauve that is what led to doing the hall next.  Plus it just seemed like the logical progression after doing the entryway.

It took a lot of prep-work though because the walls were in pretty rough shape.  Just a lot of dings and deeps scrapes that required lots of spackling.  I hate that I forgot to take a picture of this giant section that had spackle all over it! but here are some other examples.

But first a refresher.  It looks sad doesn't it? Kind of like the hallway of mental hospital.  Well maybe not that far.  ok maybe yes.... ok just not good, how about that.  
This entire side of the house has carpet in all the rooms.  We knew there were hardwoods under there when we bought the house but didn't know what condition they were in.  When we moved in I wanted to go ahead and rip out the carpet at least.  And ideally we would've had the floors refinished but that just wasn't a possibility and is something that we will do and I will dread down the line.  I mean can you imagine moving all of your furniture and stuff out of your house for a few days to have them done and then move back in? Sounds nightmareish to me but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Adam didn't think it would be a good idea to rip out all of the carpets before we moved in.  And he was right.  We just didn't have enough time and after you rip up carpet you have to pull up staples and all the tack strips.  So we compromised, had the carpets cleaned in the meantime and decided to revisit the idea later...

We know that there have been several owners of this house and our neighbors have told us about some of them.  We've gathered that they weren't the best at um...well...anything it seems.  They painted every single hinge in the house - bathroom cabinets included, did bad paint jobs galore, bad patching, and bad caulking/sealing - even using tinfoil to patch cracks.  yes people.  ghetto home repairs aplenty.  Case in point.
Why yes it is perfectly acceptable to patch a hole using scotch tape.  I mean why not?!
And after patching and lots more spackle it is nice and whole again. 

Then I had to caulk around all the doors because again, shotty job and the paint would've looked terrible had I tried to paint over it.  
Then in the actual series of events after I finished painting the hall I moved on to the room that we affectionately call the "craffice" craft room/office to start removing wallpaper.  Aaaaaand while in there I got the itch to pull up the carpet and see what was under there.  I sent Adam this pic

I was OVERJOYED! I told him I think that we should pull up the carpets and he agreed.  There was tons of stuff in this room and plus we wanted to paint after I finished removing the wallpaper so it didn't really make sense to pull these up in here quite yet.  I told him I was going to go check the hall since there was already a loose piece at the threshold of the bathroom door.  Next picture I sent him
Then he broke into a cold sweat.  Yes folks I went for it.  Razorbladed that junk up - no going back now!  I pulled all that up by myself and drug it out.  If there is a will there's a way.  Although I did scrape my nicely painted hall some so I'll have to go back and touch up paint but I am fine with that!  It was worth it to get started on removing the carpet from the house!

As I was peeling back the foam I kept seeing all these paint splatters down the hall :(  Some pretty small and some not so much. 
I mean who in their right mind would desecrate hardwood floors like that?! Crazies lived in this house, clearly.  Basically my method was a screwdriver to gently scrape up some of the paint and a magic eraser.  Some of the paint was flaky and actually came up pretty well and some areas were more difficult.  I'm guessing that they painted the walls or ceiling and were like who cares if we cover the floors while we paint we're going to carpet over them anyways.  Crazytown I tell ya.  They're not perfect but it is SO much better than carpet and we're so glad that we did it!  I'm really hoping they didn't go with the same method for the other rooms but by the looks of the craffice I think we might be ok, fingers crossed!
So much brighter and happier.  We need some new lighting and also we need to put quarter-round at the bottom of the baseboards and I would like to add crown molding as well down the road.  Most rooms have it and there are a few that don't so I'd like to make it uniform. 
It is much more pleasant to walk down the hall now and we're excited to keep ripping out carpet room by room! So here goes!


  1. Looks awesome! So much work... I'm impressed!

  2. You should do a side by side before and after! I think that would be awesome. I can't wait to see what you do next!

  3. Wow, I love the hardwood! It looks so good! And I can relate to you just going for it and sending Adam pics while he sweats it out. I've done the same thing to Kevin, haha. I can't wait to see what's next!

  4. Love reading your home updates!


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