Saturday, June 1, 2013

Begone heinous wallpaper #1

We have had 4 areas in our house with wallpaper.  Now we are down to 3!  Glory hallelujah ding dong the red wallpaper is dead.

I decided to start with the wallpaper in the foyer because that is the first place that was seen by all and where we walked into every time we came in the house.  Let's refresh your memory to the wonder that is the redfernpineapplegrapes wallpaper.
I did some research on wallpaper removal.  It explained the different types of wallpaper and how to best remove them.  I landed in the not so lucky category with this one, it being a "paper" wallpaper as opposed to vinyl which takes much less time.  I quickly realized it was not going to be a fast process...

I purchased the piranha system from Lowes which uses a scoring tool as well as a gel spray.  It did the job but water also worked well.  Basically you have to "score" the wallpaper which just put nicks in the wallpaper so the solution can get into it and break up the glue, then you use a scrapper to get it off.  You can kind of see it scored up in this picture if you enlarge it.
After you do that then you have to wash the walls of all the glue, patch and tears or holes in the drywall, prime, and then paint.  It was a painfully slow process but I was determined!  I cursed the person who invented wallpaper many a time.  I've heard that a wallpaper steamer works well for this kind but I didn't want to purchase one and thought about renting one but figured I would get through this part of the house and if it was like that in the other spaces as well maybe I'll look into it. So I'll keep you posted!

This was the biggest sheet I could get off at a time and it was rare.  And let me tell you there was much rejoicing when this happened.
 Then finally, finally, finally I had bare walls!

I didn't keep track of how long it took me to do this and honestly I wouldn't want to know because I'm pretty sure it would make me curl up in the fetal position and cry.  I just worked on it as much as I could, a couple of hours at a time. 

After patching all the little rough spots under the wallpaper then I primed
Then I had a white box.  Ahhhha so much better :)

Honestly I've been done with this for quite a while.  It took me so long to post this because we are planning to do board and batten on the bottom half and I was hoping to have that done before I posted but it has been put on the back burner thanks to other projects and we'll get around to it eventually.  So I'll update if/when it ever gets done!

Here it is after paint and some decorating!

Yes I need to put a picture in that middle one still ;)  And those cute prints I got from the Sacred Made Shop that a friend told me about.  You should check them out they have some great stuff!

Dog photobomb

The bottom half is still just primer until we board and batten it up.  But the top is a beautiful clean crisp gray that I carried through the hall to the left there which is a post for another day.  The color looks totally different in this picture in the foyer and kind of reading more brown than it is because of the light.  How it looks in the hall is actually a truer representation. 

I'm really happy with how it came out.  It is definitely so much more welcoming and is waaaay waaaay waaaaay more our style.  We still need to replace the light fixture and I would love to find a smaller table for the entryway but that one works for now. 

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  1. that is the craziest wallpaper i've ever seen! i love that turquoise mirror!!

  2. you are seriously hardcore! I think I would cry if I had to take off that much wallpaper! It looks so good- love that mirror too!

  3. oh girl, this post takes me back to when we removed wallpaper which was not only the paper kind, but was also painted on top of. I would have done a happy dance to get off a piece as big as you did! Your entryway looks amazing - so so much better. I can't wait to see it when you finish the bottom too!

  4. I can't believe all the work you put in! Looks awesome and so different! I like your house update posts!

  5. I love the gray paint above the chair molding and white below. It's going to look awesome with bead board below!! Cute prints too.


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