Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outside Update

I'm horrible at thinking of creative catchy titles for my blog posts.  That title doesn't exactly scream MUST READ! but it is to the point and let's you know what you're gettin' in to, right?! right.

I've been wanting to post some updated pics of the outside of our house for a while but once we got the flower bed lookin all prettied up it grew weeds in the past few weeks so I've been needing to pull them before I could take an updated after picture and show it! So yesterday was the day I got my pullin on and now it is back to its original glory.

Let me preface by saying yard work is to Adam and I as a diet is to Santa, torture... We do not like it.  In fact, all 3.5 years that we lived in Raleigh we hardly did yard work besides cutting the grass which is a boy job of course :) I planted some flowers with my mom once and they got eaten by bugs which further deterred my "interest."  We pretty much just "maintained" what the previous owners had done.  We actually drove by our old house a couple of months ago when we were in the area for a very short amount of time but we squeezed in a drive by.  It has to be like a previous owner privilege right? creepy drive-bys whenever you want?  Anyways they had done SO much to the yard and it looked really good.  In fact they removed a bush that we were kicking ourselves after seeing it and wondered why the heck we didn't remove it when we were there! Oh that's right we HATE YARD WORK.  We were happy to see that our first house has been well loved and cared for :)

Back to our current house.  Here is a picture of it when we moved in to refresh your memory.
Our house is sorely lacking in the curb appeal department.  I have things I would love to do so hopefully over the years it will improve, but for now the inside will definitely come first!  We at least wanted to make it look a little more loved.  Cutting the bushes down on the left side and fixing the bed on the right side of the picture.  We figured it was now or we would have to wait a whole year before we could plant things again.  The bed on the right was in such a disarray we figured the best plan was to just rip everything out and start again.  Nothing matched, some of it looked dead, and there was no real order to it so out it came.
Here's Adam ripping out some bushes.  We actually thought it would take us all day to clear it out and then we would plant the next day but it all came out really easily. 
Here it is all cleared out and ready for some plants.  Oh except for that ginormous tree-bush thing at the end that Adam broke a shovel trying to get out.  It was a beast and it was ugly. 

We headed to lowes that afternoon and decided on Azaleas.  They seem to do well here as lots of people in our neighborhood have them.  And this is definitely the most we have ever bought from the gardening section at lowes.
Here it is looking a little more loved.  Everything is a little more green which helps.  The bushes have been trimmed and azaleas have been planted in the flower bed.  We have plans to add some more stuff but for now this is a lot easier on the eyes.  We're happy and I'm sure our neighbors are happy too.    

So ta da!  I doubt I'll have an outdoor post again for a while.... about plants at least.  I would like to paint the front door but am trying to figure out the best color. So we'll see!


  1. Such a quick transformation with trimming the bushes! Something about a red door that I love..: )

  2. Wow, it looks so good! You can see so much more of the house without all that stuff taking over. And your roof looks darker too - but maybe that's just the sun? Yall did a great job, I'm impressed!

    Oh, and about the right to a creepy drive-by? We totally did that too and they had put a handicap ramp in!!

  3. It's amazing what a little pruning can do! Great work! Just a little regular watering and pruning and you'll have some big, beautiful azaleas year-round :-)


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