Thursday, April 11, 2013

a little living room update

It's about time for a little house update don't ya think.  I and we have been working on stuff but getting everything clean enough and picture worthy is another story.  BUT we had our homestudy update this week so the house got super clean as to impress the new social worker of course.  When in reality they kind of just breeze through your house, but we still wanted it to be presentable.  It was however difficult to let some things go since we have 2 rooms that are still full of stuff as well as 2 bathrooms that need wallpaper removal next.  See what I did there? I said next meaning we have 1 less area in the house without wallpaper! woo hoo! pictures to come when we finish painting.  For now we'll just talk about the living room.  Here is a refresher of what it looked like.
Now furniture has been placed after several rearrangements much to Adam's chagrin and new paint is finished yay!
We went with a grey in here and we really love it.  Anyone else never know if it is grey or gray? The color is Rockport Greay (how 'bout I spell it this way :) by benjamin moore.

We also hung curtains.  With a sneak peek of the paperless foyer that makes me oh so happy. 
That wall over there by the fireplace is wood paneling.  But not like the kind you might be thinking.  It is actual wood slats so it is kind of cool.  I really like the texture and dimension it gives the room.  Upon further inspection while painting we realized that every board had a small crack in between it and was not filling in with paint.  So I had to caulk in between every crack before I could continue painting.
Here are some up close after caulking
We also changed out all the outlets, switches, and faceplates.  Everything in the entire house is cream with brass plates.  Yuck.  It is amazing how much more updated a room feels when going from brass to crisp clean white!
and yes you may be looking at this picture thinking what looks off? that would be because all the outlets are upside down.  and there is nothing we can do about it.  so we'll just call it a house quirk.  The ground wire is too short to be able to flip the outlet to its "correctness." so our outlets will be upside down and proud like lady gaga, they were born this way.

There is still lots of decorating and picture hanging to do.  We have yet to hang a single picture.  I'm having commitment issues so hopefully we'll I'll be able to work through that and get some stuff up on the walls soon.

As far as the fireplace goes I'm having serious coveting issues with this one:

This one was done by my BFFs over at YHL. I mean we're practically bffs right? oh the marble.  It's so preettttty.  Maybe I can talk my hubby and father-in-law into tackling this for me? they do love to tile! 

So that's what's going on.  We did some yard work this weekend so I'll be able to share those as soon as I take a good after photo.  Thanks for stopping by! 


  1. looks awesome! so much better! I like the way you have the furniture arranged. keep the updating posts coming! and i think you may have something with the spelling of "greay"

  2. I love the fabric of your chairs!!! Looks great! And I also never know how to spell gray, but usually do an a.

  3. really like the wall color...can't wait to see more pics of the rest of your house! :)


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