Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Kinda Famous

I can't believe I haven't posted this until now.  Remember when I talked about Sara and I meeting Sherry & John from Young House Love?  We were totally super duper dorked out excited about meeting them on the second to last stop of their book tour.  After a couple of stops they do a recap of their time in each place.  People are always doing things to try and make it on the blog.  Can you blame them?  They'll dress up, or bring something unique, or have them sign something unique.  Sara and I left saying darn we didn't do anything "cool" to make it on the blog.  With Rachael's party being right after and just not having the time we didn't get a chance.  So imagine my surprise when my sister-in-law Courtney called and said, "YOU'RE ON THE BLOG!" I was shocked and actually in the middle of painting my living room.  Someone had told her that we were on there so we were actually looking at it on the actual computer at the same time when we scrolled down and saw the picture and description.  Screaming ensued. 
So after we finished screaming I had to call Sara but she was still at school so I left a frantic message to call me ASAP.  We freaked out together when she called me back and how awesome it was that we had made it!!!! So exciting and it just made the night all the better.  What great memories.  It's our claim to fame.  Now when someone says, "I think I've seen you somewhere."  I can be all like well, "I am kinda famous you may have seen me on YHL."  and they'll be like, "no that's not it, nevermind I thought you were someone else..." oh well still exciting nonetheless! 


  1. So cool!! Umm hey, can I have your autograph? ;-)

  2. yep. you're definitely famous. so cool!


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