Friday, March 29, 2013

Deep in the heart of Texas

Adam and I headed to Cowtown - Funkytown - Panther City - Queen City of the Prairie - Where the West Begins - The Lone Star State last week (all nicknames for Ft. Worth and Texas in case you aren't up on your texas town nicknames). 
Adam had never been and it had been a long time since I visited, which was last during my childhood summers of going all over the USofA to SBC conventions with my parents.  Not nearly as bad as it sounded.  I got to go to cool places, do fun things, and when I did have to listen to preaching it wasn't all that bad... life of a pastors kid and youngest child privileges I guess :)

Our agency requires that you attend a special training they call Pathways if you're adopting a child older than 2.  Basically several years ago they realized as more older children were being adopted rather than just babies, parents were not well equipped to handle the difficulties that an older child who has memories of the trauma they experienced in becoming an orphan holds on to when they enter your family.  So we headed to our agency to learn all that we can to help our little guy attach to us and thrive one day.

We left very early in the morning on Wednesday
We got to Texas about 10:30 their time and once we got our rental car we headed towards downtown Ft. Worth to find some lunch because well we had been up for a very long time at that point and were hooongry.  And let me just say for the record I have never seen so much road construction in my entire life.  I think every major highway between dallas and ft worth were being worked on.  Seriously from the airport to downtown ft worth - all road construction.  Not so easy for people from out of town trying to find their way when there were a thousand detours! I feel really sorry for all the residents that have to deal with that for a very long time! yikes!

We have a friend here in SC from Ft. Worth so we were able to get the scoop on a few places :) We ate lunch at Joe T. Garcia's - classic Tex Mex.  It was really good and a really cool atmosphere that we did a terrible job taking pictures of, truly.

Adam said he was channeling his inner-christy for this shot ;) who does a great job at capturing memories so well that I often steal her pics! 
You can kind of see those red flowers in the picture well they lined a really cool fountain thing but there were people sitting everywhere and I would've felt kinda dorky if I would've gone over to take a picture of it. So that was as good as it got.
so. much. food. we had no idea how big the portions were or we totally would've split it.  I guess we should've known, you know what they say! everything's bigger in Texas! ba-dum-bum-CHING!
Here was a pretty fountain right next to our table.  Has to be the most elaborate outdoor eating area I have ever seen.  There was also a huge bar area that wasn't even occupied at that time of day. 

After a very necessary trip to Starbucks we checked into our hotel that afternoon and then we went to a dinner theater place that evening.  Any Raleigh people if you think about Raleighwood this is like a million billion times nicer than it but the same idea. 

We were still stuffed from lunch that we just got something light to eat.
We finished off the day with a fun trip around Target which I sorely miss! It had some cool views of the city at night.  Doesn't really do it justice...

The next morning we got up early and headed to Gladney.

Pathways was a 2 day session taught by a child therapist who has so much experience, it was great hearing all of her stories and wisdom.  All of the information she taught was based on The Connected Child and the TBRI (Trust-Based Relational Intervention) principle that the author of the book Dr. Karyn Purvis teaches at Texas Christian University.  She is basically the child attachment guru and if you are adopting and haven't heard of this book you MUST read it no matter what age your child is!

Gladney fed us so well we were really impressed!  We weren't sure how it was going to go but they had breakfast, lunch, and lots of snacks and drinks for us as well.  They keep the trainings small because there is a lot of interaction and discussion going on.  The CEO of Gladney came in at the beginning to meet everyone there and then both days at lunch he sat down with each table to get to know everyone better.  It was very thoughtful and we were definitely impressed.  Here is the room set up.
And a secret shot Adam managed to take of me eating breakfast.  They had lots of candy and "fidget" toys to help during the long day.  Although the training was from 9-5 it really didn't feel that long.  They did a good job of giving us breaks and the information was very interesting. 
We got to meet our caseworker too which was super neat.  The group went out to dinner together on Thursday night and we sat with our caseworkers so we got to talk with her a lot.  It helped me understand some things better and I know that it will just make our referral call that much more special after having spent time getting to know each other.  Adam said it was definitely strange thinking that if we hadn't changed our age range we would've gone through an entire adoption without meeting our caseworker face to face or setting foot in our agency!  We are very thankful we got to go and that they have a program like this to make sure their adoptive parents are equipped.  It just made us that much more grateful for this agency. 

Friday night after it ended we headed to a Sushi place that was AHmazing! Seriously the best sushi I have ever had!
We were exhausted after that so we crashed for the night.  It was funny because the very first thing the instructor said when she started was don't be surprised if you feel very tired or drained at the end of this and she was right.  It was so much information and a lot to take in but we are thankful

We headed out at the crack of dawn again on Saturday morning and were back in Charlotte by 10:15.  It was a great trip and we feel more equipped for when Silas joins our family.  We are ready!!! 


  1. Love this post! Glad it was a good, informative trip. Love that Adam channeled his inner-Christy. Love that you said "ba-dum-bum-ching" :)

  2. How neat!! Looks like a really fun and informative trip. And whoa, all that food! Guess the Texas rumors are right :)

  3. I didn't know they even offered something like this for adopting parents, but what a great and beneficial idea. I'm sure it was refreshing and encouraging for you both during this wait. Hope he is with y'all sooner than later!


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