Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pavlov's Dog

Our furbaby does not eat people food.  Except for the occasional crumb on the floor or sandwich stolen off a plate... which may have happened one time... we do however make one exception and that is peanut butter. 

We didn't know that by allowing him to eat peanut butter in his kong or licking it off our knives after making a sandwich that we were creating a monster.  Y'all he knows the sounds of the lid being unscrewed from the jar FROM ACROSS THE HOUSE.  It is a serious obsession.  If we want to be stealth about it we have to unscrew the lid very quietly but that still doesn't work because his super duper nose kicks in and he sniffs us out... fail

So now anytime we decide to eat a snack that involves peanut butter we are faced with a choice.  Do you want to clean up drool also?  Lovely...

Here is how it starts.  The stare...
 Then he starts salivating rather quickly.  See it?
When his drool starts dripping on the floor and I haven't quite finished my snack I decided that I should go ahead and put a towel down.
Then he gets drool strings
And then finally when the wait is over I cave and let him lick the knife.  What can I say I'm a sucker and there is no going back now he is ruined! and we love him!


  1. Tuck hearing the jar open and smelling it from across the house is pretty amazing! such a smart dog!

  2. haha! That's so funny. Good thing he doesn't do the same thing with your deodorant. We must not wear the same brand ;-)


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