Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Our "New" house

So it's about time for a little house reveal don't ya think? Feel free to skip to the photos if you don't want to read the story of how we got it but it is a pretty neat one, or at least I think so.

Remember how I mentioned that it is a sea of brick ranches down here? Well most of them all of them that we saw were not updated, had a good layout, and in our price range - needed a wall knocked out here or there needed a kitchen demolished you get the idea.  When we found ours we were pleasantly surprised that we really liked the layout which was a big plus for us but still needed a lot of updating but not as much as some of the others we saw.  We didn't really want to have to knock out walls. 

This house was a foreclosure and came with some issues.  We decided that we liked it the best out of all of them and could really see ourselves living there.  Plus it is in a great neighborhood and convenient location, which we really loved.  Before we moved forward we did an inspection and talked to the bank.

From the inspection we found out there were some big issues that would keep us from getting a loan on the house, namely the roof.  Funny thing about trying to get a loan on a house, the bank requires certain things to be there (HVAC, roof, plumbing...) aka the house has to be livable before they will give you a loan on the house.  So when we found out there was a major but easily fixable plumbing issue and several roof issues (these were just the major things) that would keep us from getting a loan we felt a little discouraged.  Remember the house if a foreclosure and sold as is.  Meaning the bank will do nothing.

But we were hoping they would be willing to change their minds since the house had been sitting for a little over a year and no one would be able to get a loan on the house.  Unless they got a cash offer which was highly unlikely, then it would keep on sittin right there.  So what the heck we gave it a shot and asked for them to do repairs so we could get a loan.  Our realtor was awesome and really went to bat for us and you know how the story ends... we got the house!!  They even agreed to do MORE than what we had requested!!!  Crazy!  Our realtor said she had never seen anything like this.  We were so shocked and felt surely it was too good to be true.  We moved through the process being cautiously optimistic and were so relieved when we signed our lives away on January 31st and became the owners!  The Lord blew us away and provided in a big big way!

Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen. 
Ephesians 3:20-22

We got an amazing deal thanks to it being a foreclosure. We actually paid less for this house than we did for our first one and it is 50% bigger!  It is 4 bedroom 2 bath with a fenced in backyard for our furbaby :) 

So here is the tour.  Warning a lot of it ain't too pretty.  It needs a lot of tlc which we are anxious to give.  We're looking forward to making this little fixer upper ours over the next few years.  

Here is the house! This is before we moved in and with the old roof.
Here it is after with the new roof! 

How do ya like those ginormous overgrown bushes? purty huh? They're on someones honey-do list hint cough hint hint
All of our neighbors will thank us I'm sure.

You're about to see a lot of wallpaper = the bane of my existence
Entry Way from the front door:
And for some reason I didn't get a picture of the other side, whoopsie.  I'll try to get on that.  And no the house did not just happen to have shiny new appliances.  The stove was part of our package deal in fixing the house.  Remember the above and beyond thing? yeah that was part of it. 
Here is the refrigerator that was there though:
I mean who doesn't want a refrigerator with a swastika on it right? A little "heil hitler" every time you get the milk. 

Dining room:

Living room:


  Master bedroom (first room on the right):

Master Bathroom:
Silas' room (first room on the left):

Guest Bedroom (back left):

Guest Bathroom:
Last room (back right) that we are affectionately calling the "craffice." That is craft room/office.  If you ask Adam though mostly craft room ;) I say because he has an office at work I should get more room! It has the best wallpaper of all...

Let's get a close up of that shall we...
So there it is.  Good bad and ugly.  I already have some after pictures I'm looking forward to sharing.  We have so many plans for this house and are looking forward to bringing the life back into it one step at a time.  


  1. I really just have to say you don't see how much work it really needs from the pictures. At all. I'm glad I saw the "befores" in person... I really will appreciate your afters even more! can't wait to see what you do with it- I know it will look great! keep posting about the updates!

  2. Love it! Cant wait to see what all you do to it! Loving that wallpaper ;)

  3. So good to hear the whole story! I love the house! And don't judge me but I kinda like the last wallpaper, the pink toile! :)

  4. Yay that you got the house and I love the story! All that wallpaper brings back memories... At least yours isn't painted over! I am so excited to see all the improvements you make. You're so good at that stuff!

  5. Oh the fridge. Hahaha that's just awful. I can't wait to see the "afters" though!


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