Thursday, February 7, 2013

Meeting YHL & She said YES!!

Tuesday was such a fun day that I had been looking forward to for a while!  Ever since my favorite bloggers YoungHouseLove announced their book tour was going to be stopping in Charlotte we knew we were going no matter what! If you don't know what or who YHL is then you should really go read their "about us" page to get a full rundown, but basically they're a husband and wife duo that make their living DIYing their home.  They are super down to earth, funny, entertaining, and very creative.  Their blog is addicting - you've been warned.

My roomie Sara and I have been reading their blog since college and I really got hooked within the past couple of years and have literally read every blog post for a long long time.  We're total groupies and we're ok with that :)  So we were so giddy and were told by our husbands that "we were nerds" and "to try not to geek out too much."

So when we found out one of our other roomies was getting engaged that same night we had to figure out a way to make both work so that we could head to her engagement party just an hour and 15 min after the book-signing started yikes!

Here they are!
They did a talk about the differences in blogging and writing a book then they had a Q&A.  After that they did the book signing. 

Sara and I had stragtegically placed ourselves by the door in the middle of the room even though we got there super early because there was a table that looked like where they would be signing.  That way we could try and get in line quickly so we could be on our way.  Then the dreaded thing happened... the people organizing the signing decided to dismiss by rows... dun dun dun...

We knew we would never make it to the party if we had to wait and we didn't want to come all that way and miss the chance to get our books signed.  I am such a dorky rule follower so I was thinking we would just have to leave but Sara is much braver than I.  I am so thankful for how she balances me out in so many great ways :) So what did she do? she marched right up to the front and found some nice people and explained what our situation was so they let us in front of them!  I did feel kind of bad as all those people watched us move to the front but hey we're never going to see any of them again and it was SUPER important so we were justified right?!

Let me just say that John & Sherry are just like they are on their blog and they were just so cool! It was so surreal to meet them and I totally geeked out and could hardly talk to them! I am such a nerd.  I feel we or at least I definitely lived up to our husbands expectations - self fulfilling prophecy I guess...
After we were done we literally ran to our car and rushed to the party.  Funny story - Rachael called us when we were in the car to tell us she was engaged and we totally played it off why we were together since she had no idea about the party!  So she was so surprised when we got there!

It was such a fun time celebrating and I am so thankful that we got to be a part of it it was so special! And when I say no one deserves it more than our sweet Rachael I mean it.  A guy who loves her dearly and loves the Lord is all we have ever wanted for her and we are all so thankful they have found each other.  Looking forward to the wedding this year!!!

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