Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lauren & Cody's Wedding!

This past weekend was an eventful one for our family.  Adam's little sister got married in NC!  It was SUCH a fun weekend and the wedding was beautiful! We left to Friday morning to head to the mountains of NC and I got there in time for the bridesmaid luncheon at a cute little cafe.  We checked into our hotel, hung out for a bit, then headed to the rehearsal.

Next day was wedding day!!! And guess who did the ceremony???!

That's right my man! and he did AMAZING! and it was his first wedding too! you would never have known! It made the day that much more special and I know for Lauren and Cody too.  I was nervous for him but he did so well that after a minute I was calm :)

Adam's parents with the bride and groom
Their reception was at this neat venue that had a great industrial vibe it was very cool and very beautiful.  They also had cotton candy and a smores bar that were big hits along with a delicious dinner!

We love Cody and respect him so much for how hardworking he is and how much he loves Lauren.  We are so happy that he is officially part of the family now and we know that they will be very happy together! Praying the Lord's blessings over you guys and your marriage as you look to Him in all that you do!

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  1. Adam was wonderful! It was wonderful to have Lauren's big brother perform the ceremony. I would never have known it was his first ceremony!


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