Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome to South Carolina

I grew up in the South.  In the great state of North Carolina which I will forever dearly love.  My mama made a home cooked meals practically every night and we consistently washed it down with sweet tea.  In fact they used to dip my paci in sweet tea to get me to stop crying and it worked so I'm told... I wore smocked dresses and my cousins and I had matching ones every Easter.  I got my first monogrammed piece of jewelry in middle school and attended cotillion which ended with me all dolled up at a "ball."

But down here it is a different kind of south, so I have found.

I have had some firsts, made some discoveries and general observations about my new town and new state.

To give you some bearings we live about and hour and a half from Charleston.  Not quite close enough to count it as the "lowcountry" which I am quite bummed about because that just sounds cool.
"I live in the lowcountry"
"Would you like to go on a picnic with our beaus somewhere in the lowcountry"
Well I guess cool and snobby but nonetheless it is the closest I've ever lived to the coast.  In Raleigh we were still about 2-2.5 hours away. 

~First of all these people are proud of their Palmetto logo.  They plaster it on everything.  licenses plates. licenses. hats. belts. croakies. shirts. pants. shoes. car decals. art. tervis tumblers. furniture.  doormats. and the list goes on. I'm willing to bet someone somewhere has a tattoo I've just yet to discover it. 

~I knew people farmed.  Like commercially.  I mean duh right but I never met a real life farmer until we moved here.   

~Piggly Wiggly's are a dime a dozen.  You know that store that Reese Witherspoon makes fun of on Sweet Home Alabama?  yeah we have those here.  To give you and idea there are multiple in our town but there is a curious sign advertising a new one, "Coming Soon upscale piggly wiggly" sad when you have to emphasize that.
Harris Teeter where art thou Harris Teeter? I never knew how much I loved you until it was too late.  BiLo and I have now become good friends, but I'll never forget you...
So because of the commonality and not so great reputation of this store my once novelty and actually very cute pink Piggly Wiggly shirt that I got at the beach last summer before I knew I would become a South Carolinian and was none the wiser about the er quality of this store, it has now been rendered useless.

~It is a sea of brick ranches here.  If brick ranches are your jam then you would be in heaven.  There are literally neighborhoods full of brick ranches which I happen to like and we happen to be moving into one of them and it is actually quite lovely :) They don't really have "new construction" type homes in the town area, only outside of town.  So there is potential for an investor I believe, anyone? anyone?

~The first time I had an oyster was here.  Our pastor aka Adam's boss had the staff over for an Oyster Roast.  I guess you call it a roast I don't know?  still trying to get with the lingo... It was actually good.  They had just been caught that morning.  Now that is fresh people.  You had to crack them, well Adam cracked them, and pull the oyster out yourself which promptly reminded me of this scene:  
Joey: I know I’m having the worst time. There was a 15-minute line for the buffet, and when I finally got up to the plates, I slipped on a giant booger!

Phoebe: Are you sure it wasn’t an oyster?

Joey: I guess it could’ve been, I didn’t really look at it. Y’know, I just wiped it on Chandler’s coat and got out of there.

~Almost 80 degrees in January is not uncommon and I have worn flip flops the past several days which I don't mind a bit.  I prefer free feet.   Free feet = Happy feet

~When we moved to our rental house we moved outside the city limits where there is no trash pickup or recycling.  So I made my own recycling that we just had piled and piled until we finally had to do something with it.  When we asked some friends where the recycling area was they responded with, "who recycles?" I think? they were kidding but I said, "sorta crunchies from Raleigh apparently." But thankfully in the town limits they do have a small recycling bin that attaches to your trashcan.  Better than nothin!   

~Much to my dismay I'm in the land where Starbucks are few.  They have them in the larger cities, Greenville, Columbia, Charleston, Hilton Head but based on a quick google search which is quite hilarious that these facts exist we are per capita 42 out of 51! (they include D.C.)  C'mon SC you can do better! Join me won't you, "More Starbucks More Starbucks More Starbucks!" 

So all that to say each new place has its own quirks and endearing qualities to discover.  I am begninning to feel more like a South Carolinian and it has been fun experiencing a "new culture."  We're looking forward to moving into our brick ranch very soon and moving one step closer into becoming South Carolinians. 

Now where can I find a Palmetto


  1. Soon, like me, you will have a palmetto sticker on your car and one on your license plate as well... embrace the palmetto state! I love it! Also, Marshall came home and had further confirmation on what that lady said at Over The Top about getting a Starbucks near Lowes from a builder (I believe).This man confirmed that it was going beside Lowes and everything is planned but they just need to sign and make it official- YAY! Fingers crossed!

    1. I know it is super cute I'm looking forward to embracing the palmetto :) Yeah Adam told me today that Angie said Dale told her that we're getting one in that same spot they probably heard it together. I reallllllly hope everything works out and it goes through! I will be the first one in line!

  2. This post made me smile and I really needed that today. You are so funny and yet SO true about South Carolina. I mean, I know I'm literally footsteps over the border but my students are die hard about that palmetto and wear everything USC. Can't wait to get a virtual house tour!!!


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