Friday, November 2, 2012

11 months!

We are getting close to that one year mark!  That is the most significant thing about month 11.  Well I guess that's not entirely true.  This month we changed the state in which our child will now call home.  So I guess that would qualify as something significant!  It is definitely a different town/community that will take some adjustment.  We are not in our adoption "bubble" that we had in NC but that is ok.  I have already had a couple of people in our new church home say that they would love to have some sort of orphan care ministry started which is awesome!!! so we will see what becomes of that, I would LOVE to see that happen!  Looking forward to somehow celebrating that one year milestone very soon!

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  1. happy 11 months! excited about you forming a new "adoption bubble" and maybe even a whole orphan care ministry in your new town!


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