Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We're Moving!!!! part 1

Well finally the news I have been waiting to announce for months now!  All employers have been told, the house has been sold, our bags are packed and we're ready to go.  Ok well almost all the bags have been packed. 

Here's the backstory....

Sorry it is long.  Again.  I'm not good at telling short stories... apparently.

Ever since the beginning of 2011 when we felt the Lord drawing us away from a position at our current church (which we loooove) and then having the affirmation when they restructured leaving Adam without a job, we knew we would be leaving this area.  We also did the whole first time homebuyers tax credit thing back in 2009 meaning we couldn't leave our casa for 3 FULL years.  Like to the day.  Or else they make you pay it all back.  All 8 g's.  No bueno.  So we stayed put.

Fast forward to the end of last year we thought we would start exploring options around January so that way if something worked out then we would be able to relocate after selling our house and move in June when our 3 year time period was up.

Well those 6 months came and went and nothing on the horizon yet.  And let me tell you it has been a trying year and a half to say the least.  We prayed.  We prayed fervently that the Lord would give us direction knowing he had prepared a place for us somewhere and at some point in time when He ordained.

He used that time to start moving us in the direction of putting our house on the market.  We stepped out on faith that the Lord had a plan and in July we started getting it ready to sell.  We knew that we were going somewhere we just didn't know where.  We figured if all else failed we could move in with our parents temporarily. 

You must keep in mind too that being jobless and homeless while trying to get someone to let you adopt a child is frowned upon.  So we talked with our caseworker to find out what kind of window we had and felt confident that the Lord would work out the details.  He has called us to this and has been faithful thus far, why would we doubt that He will not see us through?     

Honestly for a while we thought we might end up back at our home church in some capacity but it just seemed like the more and more that we pursued that the more doors we ran into were closed.  Then we got a call from some of our best friends pastor at the church they work for, and they were interested in interviewing Adam.  

more to the story so check back!   


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  1. Exciting! Congrats yall. Btw, I don't think that post is too long and I'm ready to hear the rest of the story in part 2!


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