Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lucie's List

We all know and love Pinterest.  We are also all guilty of pinning like crazy but never actually reading the article or blog behind the pin.  I have tried to be better about actually reading whatever it is at the time that I pin it and man am I glad I read this one!

I started reading this one and couldn't stop! I read through the whole thing, there is so much good information. Many of us are in this stage of life so I wanted to share!  She tells you the ins and outs of every product good and bad.  I already used it to buy a baby present recently.  It is worth your time so take a look!


  1. Hey... I'm a Gladney adoptive mama and I just saw your blog through the FBI. We brought our son home almost a year ago but I check in on the families who are still waiting to pray for them. So... this is a note to let you know y'all and your little one in Ethiopia were prayed for tonight! <3

  2. I'm thankful you found the list too. I'll let you know how my present works out :)


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