Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Greenway Getaway year 2!

This was our second annual roomie reunion mountain getaway extravaganza... say that 5 times fast... I am so thankful for such great roommates in college and that we have made this a priority to spend a weekend away with one another every year.  It is always something that I look forward to and already can't wait till next year!

This was the pic of the blue moon friday night over the mountains.  
 Inside the house:

For whatever reason I woke up at 6:30! on saturday morning :( but at least I got to see the beautiful sunrise.  Something about the mountains that just quiets the soul.  I think it is just to see the glory of God through his beautiful creation.

The house we stayed in was beautiful!  It was kind of in a neat area with some other houses around but not too close, just enough to make you feel like you weren't out in the middle of nowhere but still private.  The house also came with a pool table, hot tub and fire pit to boot. 

On Sunday we headed over to trashcan falls.  We sat on some rocks while the boys climbed around and swam. 
Then we went back to the house that afternoon and it started it raining so the boys napped/read in their hammocks and the girls watched a movie inside.  Perfect!
Last year we started with a sweater that we all fell in love with and bought at the beloved outlets , not really on purpose we just all happened to like it and then it just kinda started with a picture.  We decided it would just become a thing to find something that matched each year as a souvenir or something to remember that year by.  This year it was stripes!

Warning some outtakes included:

Loved the firepit!  So much fun to make smores!  It was such a sweet time to just be with these girls, catch up on life, talk about EVERYTHING and be silly :)  Love you all roomsies!


  1. looks like a great get-a-way! glad you were able to enjoy friends and the mountains

  2. Love this! So funny thing...last year I got the same sweatshirt that weekend and guess what, I ended up with the yellow striped shirt! I feel like a stalker but it was totally by accident :)


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