Sunday, August 19, 2012

What have I been doing? well....

I have a confession. 

My lack of blog reading, blog writing, reading books, cleaning house, you name it has all been because I have been doing a little, ok well A LOT of Friday Night Lights watchin.  I blame Netflix.  I don't know when they're going to take it off of instant play so I feel like I have to watch them as quickly as possible before they go off!  See no responsibility of my own of course, plus it is kind of like tv crack.  Just like Hunger Games, book crack.  I actually feel like I did when I was reading Hunger Games so I'm sure after I have watched the whole series I will be equally as bummed when it is over.

I had heard people talk about how great the series was and all but had never watched one single episode, but now that I have crossed over... well there is just no going back. 

And does anyone else just LOVE them?
I feel like they are real, like he is a real coach and Dillon is a real high school.  Maybe because I went to a high school that was big into football, not exactly like Texas but a lot of it was very similar.  I'm pretty sure that is classified as some sort of disorder when you feel like TV people are real but I can't help it, I love how they are all lovey one minute and then fighting the next, isn't that just like marriage?! I appreciate it because I don't recall seeing a TV couple depict what a real marriage is actually like ha!

So anyways just wanted to let you know things might be a little quiet around here because I have jumped on the bandwagon and I am on for the haul. 


  1. We LOVE Friday night lights! And it is good all the way to the ending- the season finale is perfect. I agree their marriage is such a great story! We loved this show!!! I'm glad you found something to fill your Downton-sized hole in your tv watching. :)

  2. We love FNL too! We watched the entire series. I just love the relationship between Coach Taylor and Tami. They are so cute! You will love the series! :)

  3. I like to pretend that tami and I are BFF


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