Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 months!

Maybe one of these days I can get our monthly number up on the actual day of the anniversary (the 21st).  But I had good reasons for not posting it until now. 

First on tuesday I got to hang out with Christy and Chad that just got back from India on saturday!  I can't tell you how good it was to see them in person and not on a computer screen after 14 months apart!  So happy to have them back on this side of the world :)
Then later that night I got to hang out with some fellow adoption mamas :) 3 of us waiting, 1 that just passed court waiting for embassy, and another who's little boy has been home for several years now so it was just so encouraging and fun and just good for the soul :)
Then last night I got my first ever migraine, yeah not so awesome so this one gets a :(

It's kind of crazy that we are almost to a year, just 3 months shy.  We won't mention how when we started this process our wait time was expected to be 9 months and if things would've stayed stable then we could be getting a referral soon.  But it does not do to dwell on what could have been or what might have happened in the past.  Instead we look to the future that holds a referral at some point in time when our sovereign God has orchestrated this all from the beginning of time to come to completion.  We know that He is good and in His time we will be matched with our child that was meant for our family.  So we're pressing on and looking forward to the 1 year mark and hoping that the next year of waiting we see his sweet face :)

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