Thursday, August 2, 2012

8 months!

Hey y'all!  Man I was on a roll for a while! but alas I just had to go to the beach for 2 out of the 4 weeks in July, poor me I know, and my blog suffered because of it.  It seems to always be the first thing that goes but that's ok, while I love blogging some things are just more important.  Ya know like worrying about if the tide is going to reach my chair and all...

Because of all the beachgoing I missed our 8 month post, so here it is. 

Nothing new to report really.  Our agency only had 2 referrals in July... 2... discouraging to say the very least which prompted a call to our caseworker.  I am super excited to hear that things are moving along for other agencies because don't get me wrong, anytime a child is united with a family is something to celebrate regardless of circumstances or agencies, but I was hoping to hear that we were going to have some of that same movement. 

It did help to hear that they just signed an agreement with a new orphanage and that Gladney has been doing some things to go above and beyond what is required by Ethiopia's government to assure orphan status which makes the Embassy process go smoother for Gladney families.  So there was some encouragement in that but of course we would still like to see things speed up.  I imagine I will sound like a broken record for quite a while longer.

On our conference call this time they had a family share about their story of getting to their daughter and I found it very encouraging to hear her say that sometimes you just don't want to talk about it and that's okay, that if someone asks you about it and it's just not a good time for you then that is alright.  It gets tiring to always report the same thing that no we still don't have a baby, no we don't know when we will, no nothing has changed.  I know I know I know people mean well and I don't want to sound ungrateful for people's concern but for me sometimes it is easier just to go through the motions of everyday life and not have to think about the fact that we will be waiting for likely a long time still.

Just keepin' it real and hoping that we will have wonderful and miraculous things to report soon.

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  1. Good to hear an update! 8 months is a long while--I will be praying for much patience and trust. God will lead you to your child, soon enough!


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