Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Grant's Glasses

I stumbled across this video again and totally forgot to post it on my blog a while ago.  It is of our youngest nephew when he got glasses for the first time.  We have 2 nephews who we adore.  They are 3 1/2 and 21 months old. We got to spend lots of time with them at the beach this week and it was such a special time.  After being around them for 24 hrs a day all week I miss them :(

But first some background on the video...

Grant (the 21 mo) had to get glasses in March and this video is of him putting them on for the first time.  It was SO special to watch him discover things almost for the first time really.  He is really farsighted meaning when my sister was holding him he could not see her face.  Sad I know :( But thankfully it was caught early and there is a chance it can grow out of it and not have to wear glasses later in life!  He was never interested in books etc. so when they found out he needed them it all kind of made sense.  I work for an eye doctor so they were at my office getting them.  Unfortunately the ones he got in the video are not the ones he kept, as you'll see they were the wrong size.  But we got them squared away and he looks super cute!

(sorry the video didn't post the first time hopefully it works now!)

 They get comments everywhere they go because he is so adorable... obviously! duh!  My favorite one she told me recently is when they were at a playground thing and there were some kids already in it.  My sister goes in with Grant to play and the other little kids said, "Look! Harry Potter is here!"  Too funny, I love it!  Not just because we have a freakish love for Harry Potter around here as 2 grown adults but because it just plain cute that they said that.
Love that his eyes are closed in this one.  Can't you just hear him saying, "CHEESE!"

I love being an aunt and I'm so blessed by these boys.


  1. That seriously made me cry. He was so sweet. The look of wonder on his face was priceless!


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