Monday, June 25, 2012

Lamp Love

I have a thing for lamps.

Like walking through the lamp section at HomeGoods can make a bad day better.   I wish I was kidding.  It's really that simple, it does wonders.  Ya know they're all just "aglow with the light of a million fairies"(name that episode) How can I resist?  Maybe that section has magical powers... or maybe it's all just a scheme by corporate giants to make us buy more.  Well guys, it's working.

You should try it.  You can thank me later.  In fact all the lamps in my house have come from HomeGoods.  Until now!  I kind of feel like I cheated on them a lil bit.  But Target your lamp shade had me at $20. 

I had been stalking shopping Goodwill to try and find some lamps I could paint and add my own shade to.  Finally I stumbled on these beauties brassy ugly's for $6 each.  I kind of took a gamble that the electrical was all good and worked.  I've never been certain of Goodwill etiquette and how you test lamps because a) they don't have light blubs in them at the store and b) there was no plug in sight.  But I was in luck! they worked!
I didn't realize how horribly out of focus this picture was until posting it, oops!  Anyways you get the idea.  I lightly sanded them with a sanding block.  It's kind of hard to tell but see how the one on the right looks a tad less shiny I tried to just rough it up a bit basically.

Then I used spray paint primer to cover them well.  After that I used white spray paint in a glossy finish and sprayed those puppies a lot.

Here it is after: 
On to the lampshade.  I fell in love.  I saw it at Target and quickly snatched it up.  Bummer I grabbed the last one.  So the next day I went to my next closest Target and they had another, yay!     They were $20 each.  Honestly I could've bought a HomeGoods lamp when it was all said and done for $26, but shhhh don't tell the husband.  This was way more fun anyways.  And the shade was calling my name afterall.  The guest room was the last 'official' room that needed lamps.  I think after three years of living here it was high time for some lamps in there.  Plus we had some friends staying with us for a bit in there so it gave me a good excuse :)

Here they are on the lamps before they became all purty and white. 

Don't you worry HomeGood's I'll be back again soon.
             Love, the crazy lady making laps in the lamp section with ogling eyes


  1. I agree about HomeGoods and I think your lamps turned out great!

  2. It looks so good! I need you to go goodwill shopping with me!

  3. Very good, Ashley! I like them better white than brassy. Good eye.

  4. Love it!! Nice work, always love a good goodwill find!

  5. The lamps look awesome!

    and it's totally the one in massapequa (I love Parker... "Aces!")


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