Friday, June 1, 2012

Kitchen Reveal(ish) part 1

I say revealish because there are still some projects to do before we can call her done, but it looks a looooot better in my humble opinion. So here it is finally!! I know you all have been anxiously awaiting this big reveal... okay maybe not so much but I'm super excited to be done with the bulk of this project and finally be able to get this post up!  So without further adieu here she is!  Well part of it anyways...
But let's back up, shall we? Here is the before:
See how dark it is?  We don't have a ton of space to work with as you can see but everything just looks so much more closed in.  Nasty oak cabinets, sorry if you have oak and love it, that's great, but it is not my personal preference.  Nasty tan laminate counter tops, no apologies here because there ain't nothin purty about those.  And finally what we will affectionately call canned pea colored walls,  you know what I mean how canned peas are always darker than the frozen peas in the bags?  You see what I mean now don't you?!

Honestly I can't believe I tolerated it all this long, but oh yeah that's right money doesn't grow on trees!  Kitchen re-models can be quite expensive and the counter tops were the major hang up for me.  No cabinet color would really coordinate with them.  I knew I wanted white cabinets because I love a crisp clean white kitchen, just check out my kitchen pinterest board you will see just how bad the addiction is there...

The problem is with tan counter tops you can't exactly paint the cabinets a crisp clean white and expect it all to look great, and since replacing the counter tops wasn't exactly in the budget there she sat... for 2 1/2 years.  BUT then I stumbled upon some blogs/pinterest that talked about painting counter tops, and then, the heavens opened and shined down on my tan little dirty nasty counter tops and showed me the light.  I was sold.  I'm planning to do a couple of more parts to this to explain how I went about painting the cabinets and the counter tops so stay tuned.  For now here are some more before and afters!

Yes I know there is a sink in the back corner, no it is not installed there,  we are planning on changing out the sink that is in the bathroom off the kitchen soon and it just has no where to go right now!   Is it my dream kitchen? nahhh but is it a heck of a lot better?  you bet!


  1. It looks great! Come do ours :)

  2. Finally some pictures! And I have been anxiously waiting the reveal! :)

  3. Looks great! I'm interested to hear about painting countertops... we need to do a kitchen overhall at our house too!


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