Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Kitchen Reveal part 2

We'll start with the cabinet painting process.  I have to say that it was a looooooot of work.  I wanted to do it right so I did some research.  Even though it was a lot of work it was very rewarding.  I was actually thinking while painting, I am so glad I'm doing this.  Usually while doing a project I like the result but sometimes the doing isn't so fun, parts of this weren't but I'm very glad I did it.

So obviously you start by taking everything out of the cabinets so that when you sand you won't get it all over everything or paint for that matter.
It is definitely a mess and a bit of an inconvenience for a while!  Then you have to take all the cabinet doors off.
Then comes the least fun part of the whole business... sanding... I hate sanding...  We have an electric sander so that makes it much much easier.  I would argue it would be nearly impossible and a whole lot more miserable if you didn't have one.  Notice, more miserable, it is already miserable enough!
Here's all my doors laid out after being sanded on both sides.
And here is a close up so you get the idea of how much it is sanded.  Just enough to rough it up, get the shine off the doors.

Then I wiped all the doors down with liquid deglosser.  I had seen my favorite DIY blog YoungHouseLove talk about this stuff.  The idea is that you can in theory use it on a piece of furniture and it takes the place of sanding.  My personal opinion is that it doesn't take the place of sanding but it could help get the job done better.  Especially for somewhere like the kitchen where the cabinets probably need a good clean anyways it seemed like a good idea to me! It gets all the gunk off, roughs up the finish, you get the idea.

After this I started priming them with an oil based primer.  I used Kilz.
Le Feung anyone? Ni hao.  jiào song LiLi.  A little chinese for you: Hello, and my name is LiLi.  the end haha.  Yes my shirt I got from the school we stayed at in China is now my paint shirt... sorry Le Feung!

Anyhow primed all of it, and then I did 2 coats of paint.  The paint I used was Sherwin Williams ProClassic paint.  The color I used was Westhighland White.   I would HIGHLY recommend this type of paint.  It is a little more costly than a regular $25-$30 gallon of paint but a much better quality.  It is an enamel and made for cabinets and durability.  It was like $45 I think and since we have a small kitchen we have plenty leftover and I did 2 coats.  I used a nice angled brush for the regular paint. You definitely want all throw away stuff for the primer because it is oil based and impossible to clean.  But then I used a foam roller for the bigger sections.  It helps make nice smooth lines and it took look clean.  I used a new foam roller each time I painted.  Also the paint has a self leveling property in it so it goes on smoother without showing paint lines.
 So wow I summed up months and months of work in one post.  Next up... counter tops!

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  1. Looks like such a long process! But it looks great! Love the china part... Hahaha


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