Friday, June 29, 2012

"I didn't adopt because of sad pictures. I adopted because of theology."

The title is a quote by Tony Merida author of Orphanology and a pastor at a local church in Raleigh and this is Haven's story.

Haven is daughter to one of the pastors at our church who happens to be Adam's previous boss and also a friend.  These stories are always amazing but it makes it so much more real when you have a connection and you witness firsthand the beauty that unfolds before you. 

It is not just a story about social justice or only about an earthly adoption but it is a reflection of our spiritual adoption.

I won't dare try to paraphrase what Danny preached about, he said it so much better.  Here are some excerpts from his sermon:

This is not social justice or being a better citizen...there is an underlying motivation: the gospel. We love because we have been loved. We serve because we have been served. We humble ourselves because one greater than us humbled himself in his death on the cross.

maybe this has been a really good sermon for you about the need for social justice. If that’s the end-all be-all, then it could be that you don’t understand that you are the orphan. Maybe you don’t realize that Jesus lived, died, and rose again so that you could be adopted.

Pure religion. Undefiled religion. Redeemed not about what we do to be accepted by God, it’s how we serve after we realize how much we’ve been accepted by Jesus.

Franks family from The Summit Church on Vimeo.

If you would like to listen to the sermon which I recommend you do, you can catch it here.

I just have to say to publicly to Danny if he happens to see this thank you so much for preaching the gospel and for pointing us to the cross where we all ultimately received adoption, and also for praying at the end for all of us still waiting for that phone call...

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  1. Thank YOU, Ashley. You and Adam & the Coalsons & the McGees & the Allisons & the Atwoods & countless other couples had a huge part in making adoption more "normal" for us.

    When our social worker asked why we were adopting, one of the reasons I gave is that we'd seen the example from so many people at the Summit. I know the "all our friends are doing it" rationale is far from a good reason, but the reality is that many of you were and are trailblazers in bringing the plight of the fatherless to light at our church.

    I'm grateful to you!


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