Saturday, March 31, 2012

He is good

I can't thank you all enough for the love, support, and prayers that you have sent my way since my last post, I really really appreciate it and I'm thankful for all the people we have supporting us.  I have to share about some of the ways that the Lord reminded me of his faithfulness and goodness even the very next day.   Mom always said whining never got you anything, well I would beg to differ!  In all seriousness though it really does help, for me anyways, to get everything out there as a way to process all that you're thinking and feeling.  so thanks :)

The next day my sister called me with some great news.  Something I haven't shared much about if at all on my blog is some issues that I have with my teeth/jaw.  It's just such a very long story and one that would be super boring to read I'm positive, but it is something I have struggled with and have been trying to get fixed since 2007.  In a nutshell a bad result of some surgery I had in 2007 that they have been trying to correct for a while.  Anyways I was very discouraged in this area which was adding to all the adoption stuff as well.  Just another thing that I felt I was waiting on the Lord with and He wasn't showing up.  Terrible to say I know but that's how if feels sometimes ya know?

But show up he did.  He is constant isn't he?  Thank the Lord for his steadfast love and faithfulness towards us even in the midst of our discouragement and unbelief, and for his grace when I act like such a brat.  He worked it all out to the best possible outcome.  I was able to say sayonara to my previous doctors who were no longer being helpful and through my sister's connections (who works in the dental field) I was able to get connected with a doctor who has worked on a case like me and is going to do all 3 of my surgeries to come at a VERY reasonable price.  I felt like I could finally take a deep breath after some very uncertain months recently and it was beautiful peace.  It was truly a God thing and I am so thankful for His perfect timing and sweet reminder that He is still working all things for good.  I'm ready to tackle these next surgeries with a renewed confidence in this new doctor! 

THEN, if that wasn't enough our agency had our monthly conference call this past wednesday where they update us with different things, provide information and education, as well as report the statistics.  And y'all this month 10 referrals went out.  10!!! This is HUGE!!! For probably the last 6-8 months since all the slow down in Ethiopia began they have averaged between 2-5 referrals a month.  So this was major and I am thankful for the movement.  I'm not getting my hopes up that this will continue although I certainly hope and pray that it will but for now I am rejoicing in this big leap forward and for all these children that have now been matched with families!!! If this pace were to continue we would be looking at a much shorter wait.  woo hoo! but not getting our hopes up right?!... right


  1. whoa this blog made me smile for so many reasons. I needed to hear good things happening to someone because today has been a rough day. Yay for your surgeries and new doctor, that is awesome! Double Yay for the adoption process. Wow, amen!!!

  2. It is so encouraging to hear all the praises :-)

  3. Yay, that is so awesome and encouraging! God is good for sure. So happy for you :)


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