Friday, March 2, 2012

Created for Care

oh my poor neglected blog....

there are just not enough hours in the day for me it seems recently.  hoping to get back in the grove of regular blogging soon.  and maybe once that kitchen isn't siphoning all my extra time and energy some evenings we will get back on track!

by the way, we are hopefully on the homestretch.  It looks MUCH better in there and I know this is a tease without any pictures but hopefully I'll be able to upload some this weekend!

I wanted to give a quick re-cap of the Created for Care conference that I attended at the end of January.  I got to ride down with some sweet ladies (Julie, Stephanie, and Bobbi) and the 7 hour trip took no time at all! It was so encouraging to hear their stories of God's faithfulness and how he has called them and provided for them.  It was also really fun to pick Julie's brain since she has her little sweetie already home!

It was a 3 day conference, we got there on Friday afternoon and left Sunday mid-morning.  It was filled with lots of great speakers and breakout sessions.  I learned lots and I am so glad I went.  My only issue was that there wasn't a ton for first time moms.  Most of it was for after you already have children so there is a lot that I will take with me for the future, but they kind of assumed everyone there was already a mom.  Also I didn't really have a way to connect with people from my agency.  Being with Gladney I kind of felt like I was in the minority there and wish I would've had the opportunity to meet other Gladney folks since I feel like I don't know many at all.

I loved hearing wisdom from mom's that have 6+ kids and how they manage.  I loved the fun breakout sessions and learning about domestic adoption as well.  I loved the special time they set aside for us to have time with God and the promises he shared with me then.  I loved chatting with other women about their journey's.  One of my favorite parts was when the leader of the conference that is involved with a ministry called Wiphan skyped with their children's home in Africa and we got to hear all of the children sing "No One Like Jesus" with smiles on their faces and joy in their voices in both english and their native language.  It was so beautiful and a moment that I won't forget. 

Looking forward to next year!

warning: Grab your tissues.....

This is my friend Julie and this is her gotcha day video.  This video it is so precious and we are so thankful that Judah has a forever home, he really is the sweetest little guy and I hope I have one just like him someday!


  1. Lauren and I just watched the video and we are so ready for Silas to have his gotcha day!

  2. Love, love, love that video! Children are such a blessing. I am super excited for y'all, and praying for your sweet Silas.

  3. Seriously...that video had me bawling. Such a sweet, powerful story. Praying for you and Adam and Silas.

  4. sounds like a great conference. i am glad you were able to get away and be encouraged. and i know the feeling...feels like there is no time to blog sometimes!


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