Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Welcome to our disaster house

I can't believe I'm about to show you what my house has looked like for the past week. Here's what happened:

When I was coming back from my Created for Care conference (which I still need to blog about!) a little over a week ago Adam told me that our heat/hot water was not working. My first thought: dollar signs ca-ching, not cheap to fix. Our house is like 18ish years old so of course we have the top of the line heating system.... for when it was built. In a nutshell the heat and hot water work together to heat the house. So if there is no heat then there is no hot water = no fun.  

So I called my dad who was in the heating and air business in his former life to see if he knew what it was about. Of course you can't get a regular ol' hot water heater at Lowes you have to get a fancy schmancy one that will work with our heating system. We found a place that sold us one and dad came up the next day to get to work. Then the chaos ensued...

And let us not forget that we are in the middle of our mini kitchen reno too! So there's a sneak peek of the cabinets piled with stuff. Not only are the cabinet doors in the dining room but the hot water heater was housed in the down stairs closet. So all the stuff in there had to come out...

Getting the old hot water heater out was a chore or so it appeared that way, I tell ya holding the door open for my dad and Adam was really tough. Even after it was drained they barely made it out the door before the bottom dropped out and nasty rusty water spewed out!
There is Mr. Fix it eating some pizza on the couch.  There was no way we could cook for 2 days.  Once the hot water heater was detached there were open pipes that if you ran too much water they would drip. 
Thankfully some friends let us borrow their heater for our room at night (thanks stephanie!) and then my dad brought his mac-daddy heater that heated almost the whole house, well at least knocked the chill off. 
And here is the old one posing with my very dead plant

There was lots of water, thankfully we had lots of old towels to mop it up

Great excuse to eat pizza for the night!  Truth is I could eat it every night if it wouldn't make me fat!
All is well now and we are so thankful for my dad for all his hardwork and for saving us like $900.00!  We are so grateful to have such loving, supportive, and don't forget handy parents!  Things are slowly returning to normal and we have made some good progress on the kitchen so hopefully in the next week I'll have some pics! 


  1. This post made me laugh. I know you'll be glad when your house is back in order! Even through the chaos I can tell its a cute home!

  2. Bless your heart! I'd be crazy if that happened to us! Truth is, our house is older than yours so it's inevitable I'm sure!

  3. great post!!! ohh our hot water heater caused us a headache the week we had a contract on our house. Glad that is out of your way... now back to your kitchen project!!!! Can't wait to see finished pictures.

  4. 1. Love your Kitchen so far.
    2. Sorry about the heater/heat...never fun.
    3. Your pizza lovin' comments reminded me of those days me + you would get one from Trivette and eat the WHOLE thing!
    4. I miss you. Can I come see you?
    5. You make me laugh "posing with my dead plant" ha


  5. Hey, that's real life. There's nothing more stressful than a crazy house, but there's nothing better than saving nearly $1000! Thankfully you do have a very sweet and handy Dad!

  6. Oh goodness! That was quite the ordeal. We definitely feel you on the "old house" problems. Thankfully we have a fix-it man too - Kevin's grandpa. The man has seriously saved us thousands (and we've only been there 3 years!)

  7. Real world it is, however you can always count on people who can help you clean that crib. They are just a call away.


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