Thursday, January 5, 2012

3 years!

We had a great anniversary this year.  Last year.... well last year was eh not so great.

I like to think that last year's anniversary was indicative of the year to come and lessons to be learned about marriage.

Anniversary celebration breakdown:

Year 1: we went to Asheville for our anniversary it was fun to get away and we were still in that semi-blissful newlywed phase.

Year 2: we didn't do anything for our anniversary.  terrible I know.  I think we might have gone out to eat but I can't remember.  what I DO remember though was getting in a HUGE fight about me wanting Adam to clean up the office, stupid I know.  neither of us remembered to get cards and no gift or flowers were bought.  Bad omens for sure.  call the church police because we definitely dropped the ball on that one.  Like I said indicative of the year to come.  A few tears later it was ultimately a great reminder to us that marriage is intentional.  These things are going to happen on their own and you have to work at it.  I'm thankful that was the extent of our wake-up call.

Year 3: lesson learned from last year? check!  We had a great time.  We decided a long time ago not to do presents for our anniversary since it is so close to Christmas but I do like flowers, and he delivered!  I also got him a card that basically said, "hey babe, thanks for putting up with me!"  Because I am totally undeserving.  I would've given me back by now I think.
We went to dinner at Vivace in Raleigh and it was delicious.  It had a great ambiance, perfect for a romantic night!  We will be returning there.

Don't you just love those lights?!

Then we went on to the melting pot for dessert.  We haven't been to the Melting pot since we went to Prom together in 2002, wow! It was neat to return (to a different one that is) for our anniversary.  And their dessert, oh man....
you know things are all lovey dovey until the dessert and chocolate are at stake and then there may or may not have been threats of stabbing with the fondue poker if the invisible line on the plate was crossed.
Don't worry, no one was harmed... badly during dessert.  It was a great start to what has to be a better year.

To my smokin' hot husband I'm so glad you chose me.  I can honestly say I love you more today than the day you married me and made me the luckiest girl.

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  1. Your writing style is so cute and makes me laugh! I love you and Adam! So thankful you two are in my lives and God chose to bring you together. You two make a GREAT team. Love your Year 2 honesty...keepin' it real. We have a day like that every now and then too. Can't believe it's been 3 years...CHEERS!


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