Saturday, January 21, 2012

2 Months!

Today marks 2 months on the waitlist!  This month went by quickly.  We thought things would slow down after the Christmas season but this has not been the case.  Our weekends have been filled and will continue to be through most of February.  Maybe March will bring some calm.  Some days it seems to hit me more than others like, oh wow at the end of this wait we will have a child,  or we are really going to be parents, and that follows with am I old enough to have a child? haha some days I think I'm a strange sort of grown up and I look young so will people think I am babysitting my own child all the time?  ya know, just your usual stream of consciousness!

Also our kitchen currently looks like this:
We're doing a small reno that makes a BIG mess so my nights during the week have been filled working on this so that we can get our house back together which equals no time for the computer or blogging!  So forgive me and sooner or later I'll be able to show some hopefully great looking before and afters if all goes well!

Here's another random tidbit:

          I have seen this article circulating on some mom/parent blogs called Don't Carpe Diem.  I have mixed feelings about it. 

          I also saw this rebuttal if you will from one of my favorite mom blogs.  I tend to agree more with what she is saying.  Although I don't have children obviously and I know I could feel differently one day.  Something our social worker told us when we were doing our homestudy that I hope I continue to remember is that your kids are small for just a short time.  You will be with your child more as an adult than as a small child.  Those hard days will pass so try to enjoy it while you can.  Any thoughts?


  1. we JUST finished redoing our kitchen! check facebook for some pics sometime today!! :)

  2. I read that article and Melissa's reply to it and I have to say, as much as I love dear baby I think her reply is mostly crap, lol.
    I think there are differences....differences between being a stay at home mom and being a working mom, differences in the temperaments of babies, differences in personalities of mothers, differences in how much help or family support a mother has...
    I love Liam and I am sooo blessed to be his mother...but sometimes I am exhausted and I don't feel like dealing with a crying baby and I need a BREAK. And I shouldn't be made to feel guilty about it. Yes, 90% of the time I carpe dime, but that other 10% I feel like I am DONE.

    Either way, I love my baby more than I ever imagined I would and will cherish his baby years (and toddler years, and teenage years, etc).

  3. getting closer and closer to that little one...awesome! and can't wait to see what the kitchen after looks like :)

  4. I recommend the article on this dad's blog:


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