Saturday, December 3, 2011

video break Friday and one year waiting

Once again I'm a day late and a dollar short on the whole video thing but it was sorta kinda on purpose, at least that is what I will blame it on :)  You see today marks exactly one year since we sent in our first set of paperwork to Gladney, bittersweet for sure, don't think I was really ready for the flood of emotions this day would bring.  This time last year Iwas thinking all optimistically that we could have a referral by this Christmas.  Little did we know what was around the corner for us.    Our waiting was just beginning and our faith was about to be tested.  I won't be sad to see 2011 go that's for sure.  But the Lord is good and I am thankful that he allowed us to be on the waitlist before we hit this one year mark even if it was just 12 days shy! Never did I ever dream that this time last year we would barely be on the waitlist one. whole. year. later.  He has taught me much about waiting on him and trusting in him, and my faith has been stretched in new ways.  For that I am thankful.  He is good still even if I don't understand his ways.  He has surely done great things for us.

I had mentioned a while back about this beautiful song I got to hear Bethany Dillon sing at a Shane&Shane concert.  Last I heard she was going to release it before Christmas so we'll see, but for now we'll have to settle with this youtube version that someone recorded at one of the shows. 

here are some of the lyrics I grabbed from the song, there could be a few holes but you get the gist

I’m waiting on you
I’m waiting on you
You say you’re good to those who wait
My heart’s discouraged
So I come to you expectant
You say you’re good to those who wait
You say you’re good to those who wait

For today you know what I need to do
But you could do more in my waiting than in my doing I could do
So I won’t run anymore
I‘m waiting on you

A wretched man that I am
Free me from my distractions
You say you’re good to those who wait
Find me in the quiet

You say you’re good to those who wait
Now I know you’re good to those who wait
For today you know what I need to do

Oh my soul wait on the Lord
Keep your lamp filled with oil
Oh my soul be not deceived
Wait for him, don’t be quick to leave 

Is this not your new favorite song or what?!  So so beautiful, it almost reminds me of a psalm.  I'm so glad the Lord gave her that song to share. 

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