Sunday, December 4, 2011

One less!

How fitting that on our 1 year anniversary of "officially" starting this process.   I get a call from a dear friend that they got a referral for a sweet 8 week old baby boy!!!  You can read more about it on their blog.  It was just a good reminder that this wait will come to an end.  This is extra special for me because as I have said before Will and Rebekah were our adoption mentors.  Because of their willingness to be used by the Lord through our orphan care ministry at our church we were matched with them.  We met with them for dinner one night while they answered our countless questions and we came home knowing this was for us now not later down the road and with God all things are possible. They showed us it was possible for a fairly newlywed couple, in seminary, with little extra money for an adoption, to actually happen.  We stepped out on faith and watched the Lord work.  We are grateful for their example and are excited to see their journey come to fruition with a beautiful baby boy that we can't wait to meet one day!!  Now praying for a quick court date so they can go meet him!  Praising God that there is one less orphan tonight!

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