Saturday, December 31, 2011

He makes all things New

Here we are at the end of the year finally...
I could tell you how the good thing about this year is that it is over or that I'm not sad to see it go, and hey, don't let the door hit you on the way out! But while this year has certainly not been without it's challenges I would like to focus on the good things that did happen because it is so very very easy to let those be overshadowed by the tough times that we are sometimes asked to walk through.

Here are some highlights and things that made this year memorable:
  • We got to see these two get hitched :) Which was a super fun wedding that we had all been looking forward to!  It's been a joy to see these two begin their lives together.  sweet sweet love.

  • We also got to go to the beach for our annual beach weekend with some of our dear college friends!  It was a great time and full of memories for sure!
  • In May Adam got a new job that allowed us to be able to start the adoption process again. Woo HOO!
  • We were blessed to get to spend a week at the beach with each of our families.  This is always such a great time and we look forward to it all year long
  • We said "see ya later" to these dear friends.  We look forward to their return in 2012!
  •   In fact we said "see ya later" to these friends, and these, and these and more, yeah this part we didn't like
  • We celebrated our nephews 3 year old and 1 year old birthdays.  We love them so much! 
  •  We also started a new tradition with my college roommates for labor day ever year.  It was a sweet time of fellowship and catching up.  Already looking forward to next year! 
  • We celebrated with these friends at the news that they are expecting a baby boy in May 2012! And these friends at the referral of their baby boy coming home in 2012!
THE highlight of this year would definitely be getting on the waitlist finally!!!!! (cue Hallelujah chorus)

We are reallllllly looking forward to 2012 and know that it could be a year with some big changes, we are excited for the Lord to lead us in this next phase of life. While I'm not all that sad that 2011 is over I am looking forward to the things to come in 2012.  After all, He makes all things new and we are grateful for this promise.  Happy New Year to you all! 

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  1. Happy New Year! I pray God has some big, great things in store for you in 2012!



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