Monday, November 21, 2011

Yes, we are!!!!

Didn't mom always say that nothing good could ever come from whining?  Well... after my pity party post last time Adam's birth certificate came the very next morning! yay! So I guess she was wrong... this time anyways!  So we got that on Thursday morning and then I went and picked up a piece of paper from the secretary of state's office that afternoon that we had to make some corrections on and get authenticated again.
Then thursday night we headed back to our hometown for my cousins wedding festivities in SC.  So while I was doing wedding stuff on Friday Adam went and mailed all of our paperwork.  Putting me on speaker phone while he was mailing the paperwork so I could feel like I was there wasn't exactly how I had imagined us sending our paperwork off but hey, what in this process has gone like I imagined?  if you say not much, you would be right!  So we FedExed our package off for next day delivery to get there on Monday. 

and if you didn't catch that in the title the answer to the title of my last post is yes, we are!...... 


That's right we got the word from our caseworker today! and we are thrilled!  our caseworker has been reviewing our documents all along so once she had all of them in her hands and then sent it off we were declared waiting! 

So what does this mean now?  Well it means that we have completed our dossier (pronounced: dos-ee-ey; a collection or file of documents on the same subject, especially a complete file containing detailed information about a person or topic) we are referral ready.  It's kind of hard to say exactly how long our wait will be.  Most likely at least a year, potentially longer.  So we won't be getting a child tomorrow or anything we still have a long wait ahead but we are thankful that we made it to where we have been working so hard to get.  

We are so thankful for all of you who have been praying for us and been an encouragement to us while we were in the paperwork phase to get us to the waitlist.  We are very grateful!  But don't stop!!! We have a ways to go still and we would appreciate your continued support as we journey on.  We know we have a long haul ahead but we know that

Silas you are so worth the wait...


  1. Congrats!!! Such a milestone! We're praying for you guys as you being part 2 of the journey :)

  2. As always you have our support and prayers! I must agree Silas is so worth the wait!
    Love you guys!

  3. great to hear, ashley! you guys are in our prayers!

  4. Welcome to the Wait list! That is such an exciting/relieving day!

  5. Congratulations!! I love that name. :) Beautiful.

  6. so so amazing! Praise God that he has gotten you this far!

  7. Congratulations!!!! I know exactly how you feel. We are waiting for a little boy as well :).


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