Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Workin' at the 'dog' wash yeah!

If you're now singing Carwash lyrics you would be on the right track.  However I think they should go a little something like this:

(Workin' at the) dog wash.
Workin' at the dog wash yeah !
Come on and sing it with me dog wash.
Get with the feelin' y'all dog wash yeah !

So much cheese oh so much.  Why? you may ask... Well we finally got to take Tucker to a local dog shop that has a self service dog wash.  How cool is that?  I have been wanting to do this for a while and just haven't had a good time to go.  But we FINALLY made it there and we will definitely go back.  It was only $15 bucks and they supply all types of shampoo, grooming tools, towels, a dryer, and they even clean up the mess when you're done.  It was awesome.  Especially with people like us with a big, hairy, shedding lab.  We could NEVER wash him in our own bathtub because he would most definitely clog our drain and did once when he was littler, and that was the last time we did that.
 He didn't really want to walk up the ramp to get in the tub so Adam had to pick him up and put him in there.  He was less than thrilled, but soon stopped giving us the stink eye and warmed up. 

 Now on to getting dried.  I think he was still a little mad at this point for subjecting him to this, pretty sure he cursed at me right here.

I forgot to take a picture of the official finished product.  But it was something adorable like this.  This was from our Christmas pictures last year.  Isn't he a handsome devil?  
  Disclaimer: I realize I have a freakish love for my dog, but I'm not ashamed, he's a great dog and deserves lots of love :)


  1. That is great! I need to look around here for one of those places! Great price, and I don't mind doing it...labs are just too big to wash at home!

  2. um, I'm going to need to know where this place is!! That is so cool!!

  3. What a cool concept! Where is this place! I understand the love for your dog. I'm right there with ya! :)

  4. girl, don't be ashamed of your love for sweet Tucker! we have a few of those places around here but i cannot even imagine how freaked out Penny would get if i tried to take her. i have had success with giving Penny a bath in our shower (we finally have a shower with a door now). you know what they say about the best way to clean your shower? well, it works for cleaning your dog, too. is that TMI? : )


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