Friday, November 4, 2011

video break Friday

well nothing like a weekly post series to remind you that you haven't posted since that last week!  yikes! I could blame it on a busy week but truthfully I'm just lazy.  sometimes when I come home after a long day I don't want to do anything that has to have any sort of thought put into it, know what I mean?

So I promise that I won't always post videos that are the ones probably everybody and their brother is watching right now but this one was just fit for this week.  We had a quiet Halloween because it rained around here so not many kids showed.  That means.... more candy for us!! and we don't have to share with anybody just yet...

The last kid is AWESOME, hope you have a good laugh no matter what kind of day you're having :)

aren't parents mean?! I could totally see at least my big sister doing this to me as a kid! as my dad would say, "it builds character" ha

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