Saturday, November 26, 2011

video break Friday (on saturday..)

I missed posting last week's video because my cousin was getting married and I was working my butt off helping with all kinds of decorations and luncheons and rehearsing etc etc etc.  But we had a great time and it was a beautiful wedding!

So I will post 2 videos for this week! I know you're excited so get ready....

This is more for your listening pleasure than viewing pleasure.  In honor of thanksgiving of course.  You can bet my brother-in-law will sing this song on thanksgiving.  Nothing like Adam Sandler to round out the holidays for ya!

Next is one of everyone's favorite commercials because it is just that awesome!  And it happens to be a place that we spent quality time at Thursday night and into Friday morning.

That's right we are one of the crazies.  We were out for a TV.  We were prepared to get out there early but we weren't going to go out at like 5:00 or anything. Props to you if you did.  We left the house at 8:45 all bundled up with our chairs and blankets in tow.  We went to Best Buy because they had the best deal on TV's but we weren't the only ones that plan and considering some people started lining up at like 2:00 or earlier! so we abandoned that plan and went to plan B.  Plan B was hhGregg.  But once we got there and got settled we realized that they didn't have the TV we thought they had and abandoned that plan and moved to plan C which was Tarjaay.  We got there at about 9:30.  We didn't get the original TV we had picked out there but we did get a good one at a good price so I'll say it was worth it.  The time went by quickly and it wasn't too cold for these Booneites. Although there were some people we saw lining up that were in flip flops I really wanted to be like, "why, just why?" "don't you know it is 36 degrees out here?" "and your choice of shoe is a frickin flip flop?!" "who does that?!" but I bit my tongue.  I got up super early and shopped all day with my sisters, mom, aunt and friends.  We had a great time and scored some good deals.  I would say it was Black Friday success!

for all you friends fans out there.  I definitely had one of these moments right before the doors opened! adam said, "and YOU don't be a baby! I said, "but I need a whistle!"

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