Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sooooo close

Hey all! Quick update on the adoption front.  We are waiting on one teeny, yet very important piece of paperwork from Georgia to come back.  It has been over a week and nothin.  Adam called to check on it and they said "it was being processed."  Georgia is quickly becoming my not so favorite state, they need to step it up!!!  I swear I'm gonna call everyday this week and they are going to get real tired of me! We're on a mission people and we are so very very close to that waitlist.  We are have everything ready to go and that piece of paper will complete our dossier.  Will you say a quick prayer for us that it will come this week?! we would appreciate it and hopefully we can announce at the end of this week that we are on the WAITLIST!!!!


  1. I will be praying for this specifically! Although, I pray for you daily anyway on my drive to work each day! :)

  2. Praying! This makes me smile (not the GA people but getting on the waiting list soon!) Yayyyy!

  3. SO amazing, Ashley! praying for speedy processing! keep us posted!!


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