Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby

Today my man is 27.  I can hardly believe it.  I tease him that he is old and has some gray hairs and he claims that he didn't start getting those gray hairs until after we got married which may or may not be true!  Truthfully he is so young and we have so much life ahead of us that I can't wait to share together.

In honor of his birthday I would like to share 27 facts/reasons why I love my husband....
  1. He has a freakish love for coffee, I think he would walk around with an intravenous drip if he could
  2. He is so so so so so so so excited to be a daddy and I can't wait to see him become one
  3. He loves the Lord and has followed the calling He placed on his life giving up his plans of becoming a lawyer and going to seminary instead. 
  4. He loves me so well. I really really don't deserve him
  5. He loves books, we have lots of them, like 5 1/2 bookshelves worth and he is only 27... oh dear...
  6. He is a good puppy daddy and loves the tuck
  7. He is an apple snob and will never use anything different I'm sure of it
  8. He likes to go to the movies
  9. He doesn't mind going shopping which goes with I rarely have to drag him places he is willing to do things with me even if it isn't his preference
  10. He'll never turn down a butterfinger
  11. He is West Wing's number one fan he watches it over and over and over and over.... if Jed Bartlett was real he would've voted for him even though he is definitely elephant not donkey
  12. He can't go to sleep in silence hence all the West Wing...
  13. He is so gifted in the areas of ministry that he is so passionate about and I can't wait to see how God is going to use him
  14. He makes dinner almost every night
  15. He serves me so well. I'm super spoiled y'all, you have no idea.  I'm so blessed
  16. He killed it in seminary y'all amazing grades the whole time even while working, he poured everything into it and graduated on time with a phenomenal GPA.
  17. He loves Jeeps. He's had 4 of them
  18. Shoes are to women as watches are to Adam (SAT flashback anyone?)
  19. He has been on a weightloss/fitness journey for over a year and has lost 45 pounds y'all!  I am so so proud of him he has been so dedicated you have no idea
  20. He has trusted the Lord during this whole adoption process and believed on my behalf multiple times when things seemed so dim
  21. He did the majority all of our Dossier which I am super grateful for
  22. I think he would eat Chinese food, Mexican, and Chic-fil-a every day if he could 
  23. He loves and respects me and does things for me around the house 
  24. He is a serious Georgia Bulldogs fan
  25. He brings me my breakfast almost every morning so that I can get ready faster in the morning which = a little more sleep
  26. He puts up with me which is a big job in and of itself!
  27. He is my best friend
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY love I'm so glad you're mine and I hope I can spend my life making you as happy and feel as loved as you make me feel!

so blogger is doing something weird and the post scheduling thing is acting up grrrrrr his actual birthday is the 28th sorry babe!


  1. such a sweet post! loved reading the 27 facts. Happy Birthday to Adam!!

  2. love this! Such a neat idea to do the 27 facts! :)

  3. Very sweet! Happy Birthday Adam.
    Love you,

  4. very cool post, Happy Birthday to Adam!


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