Sunday, October 9, 2011

Waiting on the Lord

I woke up Sunday morning and in my fog of sleep I reached over and grabbed my phone.  It helps me wake up to get my brain going I guess, instead of focusing on how heavy my eyelids feel at the moment.  I don't wake up easily, this is coming from the kid whose mom definitely squirted me with a water bottle a time or two when I was little to wake me up... true story... I may or may not be scarred from that and run from squirt bottles.  Just kiddin mom if you're reading this I'm practically normal!  Anyhow, I like to read the bible on my phone, ESV app baby! I check my e-mail and catch up on tweets.  WELL this morning on twitter I saw that Shane and Shane were going to be in the area!  I LOVE them and am so glad that I saw that!  What was even cooler was that Bethany Dillon, one of the Shane's wife and also a christian singer was there too.  Also this other band called Freely that I had never heard of.  They were really good and I have to say after listening to a few clips of their album on iTunes they are way better live!

The Shanes --->

Bethany Dillon sang this song tonight that she just wrote and hasn't even released yet.  It was about waiting on the Lord.  And can I just tell you this spoke straight to me.  One of the lines is, "the Lord can do more in my waiting than I do in my doing."  More and more the Lord has just been teaching me to wait on him.  We are in a strange season of our lives where we are ready to move on to what the Lord has for us next but we must stay here for now because of different reasons.  Adam has finished seminary for almost a year now and I continue to work, and we both long to be in different roles.  Don't get me wrong we're abundantly thankful for jobs especially after going through a season of unemployment that's not what this is about, but just desiring to be where we feel our hearts already are.  And let me just tell you that it is eating at us, but we are determined not to let the enemy use this for himself but that it will be used for good!

 Bethany --->

My friend Rebekah shared some verses on her blog this week that I have kept close by this week and say to myself over and over (so if you don't mind bekah I'm going to put them on my blog too! k thanks!).  And let me just tell you she is in a hard season of waiting right now!  Even though she is far away now, she and her husband are our adoption mentors and she always has such encouraging verses that speak to me.  So thanks for being an encourager even when you're in a difficult season :)

Psalm 27:7- 8, 13-14
Hear, O LORD, when I cry aloud;
   be gracious to me and answer me!
You have said, "Seek my face."My heart says to you,
   "Your face, LORD, do I seek."

I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD
   in the land of the living!
  Wait for the LORD;
   be strong, and let your heart take courage;
   wait for the LORD!
One of the ones I continue to repeat is, "I believe I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living." He revealed to me that the land of the living is now! The goodness of the Lord is right now, right where I am in my life.  It doesn't say, "I believe I shall look upon the goodness of the Lord in the land that I will be living in." So I will fight to be 'present' and thankful for the goodness of the Lord now not just for things to come, and we will wait on you Lord, we will wait... 


  1. I'm glad those verses have been an encouragement. I'm trying to remind myself every day that there is something to be learned and done here in the waiting season too.

  2. Those are great verses to remember! I can definitely relate.... The greatest challenge for us when we were in a waiting period (most of 2009 and 2010) was remembering each day was still a gift from God - one to live out well, fully, joyfully - despite the fact we didn't like the way it looked. Keep taking it a day at a time.... and thank God for music like Shane & Shane's and Bethany Dillon that helps express that joy and frustration :) PS - super jealous you got to see them in concert!


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